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Lucifer Series Finale: Tom Ellis, Lauren German Conversations Deckerstar Fate

Below are spoilers from all LuciferRussia’s sixth and final season is right up to the final line of dialogue.

Lucifer ‘The farewell run was hellishly emotional when everything was said and done.

The sixth season of the twice-resurrected procedure with a supernatural hue largely depended on the arrival of the future adult daughter Lucifer and Chloe. Played DeadpoolBrianna Hildebrand, Rory, also known as Aurora, brought a big old chip on her deadly angel wings, given that her father had been AWOL all her life.

The video “Questions and Answers” begins with the stars of the series Tom Ellis and Lauren Herman, who talk about their first reaction when they learned about the turn in time.

“I was just like that what?! ”- Ellis remembers with a laugh. “[But] when it began to resonate with me, I thought, “This is the dynamic we did not dare: Lucifer as a father and Lucifer reflect on how he felt in the situation when he was left.”

The German admits: “I’m not such a strong swimmer in time travel” [genre]”But” when it came to the truly human side of it … who can’t relate to it? When it came to nuts and bolts, it was really intriguing. “

Lucifer RoryClaiming that her father had left, Rory brought with him a kind of prophecy – that Lucifer will disappear from Earth on August 4. Assuming that only death can take him away from the child, Lucifer and Chloe decided to solve one last case in advance, “the murder of Lucifer Morningstar.” But eventually they realized that Lucifer had actually left Chloe’s life – if only for 60 years or so, so that he can realize his true destiny, not as God, but as the ruler of hell, who also acts as a therapist, helping the damned to come to terms with the guilt that has brought them underground.

“I thought it was right, and it’s so smart and beautiful,” says Herman. “You I want Chloe and Lucifer are so bad together … finally we get here … and then we have to say goodbye. But most of the stories I love always have a bitter sweet look. And it just makes an end “- in which Chloe, who died in old age and with Rory next to her, reunited with Lucifer in hell -” much sharper. “

The final line of the Lucifer seriesThen Ellis and the German share their favorite moments from the emotional editing of the finale of the series and at the very end talk about the last dialogue of the show.

“It was hard to stifle in a day,” the German shared. “At that time, Tom and I had extremely hazy eyes” – especially after “working 42 hours”, – she says, for the sequence of thrones that preceded it!

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