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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 gets the first screenshots and gameplay details

For Alistar Wong . December 9, 2018 at 11:30 am

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Black Order was announced this week exclusively at the Nintendo Switch exhibition, and the official page on the Nintendo site will show more details about the new as well as new screenshots.

Here is the introduction to the game, according to Marvel:

In this new storyline, heroes and villains are united in a race through the Marvel Universe to find the Stones of Infinity before the Thomiss and the Black Order to use them to solve cosmic chaos. From the Avengers Tower to the X-Mansion and then every stop on a dangerous quest to prevent Tanos, it leads to unexpected collisions of fanatically loved characters and iconic spots. Get closer to the action by moving the preview to the "super-high" perspective "Heroic Camera" is a series that in the first place offers a more exciting way of playing one or more players into four systems. Play online, offline through your local wireless network, or just hand over the Joy-Con controller to a friend so that they can join your team. With another pair of Joy-Con ™ controllers (sold separately), four players can be integrated into one system! Opportunities for a falling / falling cooperative allow players to create their own "Ultimate Alliance" on their own.

The game adds new characters such as "Galaxy Sentinel", "Falcon", "Red Witch", etc., and there is a new "Heroic Camera" mode, which moves the action into "browsing" mode that can be used in single player or multiplayer mode in several systems. You can also play the co-op both online and offline, with the help of a dynamic co-op and local wireless connection on several supported switches.

Check out the screenshots below:

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Black Order coming out for the Nintendo Switch in 2019. You can see how the trailer is visible in our previous report here.

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