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Mom and ass was stolen from – Kelowna News

Alan Kellie

The owner of the Kelowna store warns of another company after a person has snatched a strong theft.

The incident occurred at 8:00 am. on the Knox Market Hill and was captured by a surveillance camera.

"It's just really miserable people stealing from the" mom-pop "store," he said. "We are trying to live, we work hard enough, and something just taken from us really regrets."

The employee helped the client and departed from the cash for a short moment when a man dressed in the whole black color leaned over the counter and stole a series of lottery tickets.

"He had an accomplice, waiting on the street in the car," said the Brent Smith store owner.

Smith said that the cost of lottery tickets costs about $ 300, but he thinks thieves may have a different plan.

"I do not know for sure whether this was the intention," he said. "They may have planned to plunder the place and when there was a steady stream of people, there they could only choose to steal the tickets."

Anyone who confesses to this man is asked to contact the RCMP, and the frames are returned to the police.

Smith said that the quality of the images is clear enough, he hopes that someone will recognize this man and nobody else is stolen. â € <


Week of Kastan in review with Nothing Johansen.

December 9, 2018 / 7:22 am | History:

Colin Duck

The town of Kelovna is taking steps to save 147-year-old timber, built by one of the first European settlers after it was damaged in the fire this year.

Last week, the local vote decided to allocate $ 29,000 for the construction of a temporary roof to protect Fleming House from the elements.

The site of the city states that Fleming House is a two-storey building, built in 1871 by Friedrich Brent of a pine-wood pavement, hand-crafted. According to him, Brent also built the Grist Mill, which is the oldest Greater Mill in British Columbia.

The site claims that the house is a rare structure from that era, because during the recession there were no constructions. Square log houses about 35 centimeters tall and 17 centimeters thick, he says.

The house and the mill have been bought and sold for many years, and in 1900 John Dilworth added mixing siding and plastering walls. He also added that in the storage area of ​​the rear barns there is a chalet, porch and veranda, as well as two barbed chimneys.

Soon after these modernizations in 1908, they were bought by William Fleming. The plant and its home were transferred to the Kelowna Heritage Park in 2002.

Don Knox of the Central Historical Society of Okanagan believes that to preserve the local heritage, it is important to take care of these structures.

Summit itself is important as it is the first commercial company in Kelowna, and it is a good example of how things were done at this stage, he said.

"People will come from all over the territory so their corn is grounded so that they can come together, communicate, visit and catch up, and in most cases they have not seen each other for too long," he said.

In the summer, the fire from the fact that someone cooked near the house, "went" and got to the house, said Knox. The house was burned very severely, with the worst damage to the siding and interior, he said.

The Okanagan Central Heritage Society recommended "making the minimum needed to mop up the existing threats and save the building for future recovery or restoration," the report says December 3 to the Kelowna City Council of Parks and Construction.

The installation of a temporary roof will give the city more time for a more specific approach to future cultural heritage.

The Okanagan train route is becoming more popular, according to him, the pedestrian and bicycle traffic adjacent to this site will increase, and the interest in these buildings can also increase.

"Therefore, there may be increased potential for future restoration work," the report said, adding that Fleming House and Grist Mill could be considered for other purposes.

The report also states that these buildings can not be insured because they do not have fire extinguishing, and before the installation of a fire hydrant or other fire safety measures, the fire remains a risk to these heritage objects.

Knox said that the fire deprived the building of the additions and returned before it was originally built.

It is also important to preserve structures such as Fleming House, since Kelowna does not have one of the oldest homes that were originally here in the 1860s and 1870s, he said.

"Several old buildings were destroyed, so we did not really leave much of it, which gave us a sense of how it was before," Knox said.


Now, when we are well in December, the lights of Christmas rose through the Central Okanagan, bringing the hello to everyone who was riding.

From Candy Cane Lane to Rutland, to the Valley's Seagulls illuminate the competition, there are fantastic displays in all of the local areas.

If you want to share your screen with the community, send a photo of your home and your address [email protected], and we will add your home to the interactive map above.

Madison Erhardt

This is an examination season at UBC Okanagan, and this may mean stress for students, but the BARK program will help.

& # 39; & # 39; It makes a huge difference. You see arriving students and at the door to see the dogs. It just gives them ten minutes when they do not think about exams, smile on their faces, and talk to other people who are experiencing the same things, "said Frey Green, coordinator of the BARK program.

BARK is a dog therapy program run by Dr. John Tyler Binfet on campus.

The BARK brings together University students and trained therapists to reduce stress, fight calm, promote interpersonal relationships, and promote the general well-being of students.

Dogs are installed in the library's flexible space several times during the exam.

"We have 60 dogs and handlers who are now very experienced, and if you want to join our team, visit our web site," Green said.

December 9, 2018 / 5:00 AM | History:

It has become a tradition for many of Kelowna to help them or take part in them, it is planned to hold the 15th annual Christmas Eve of the Victory Church. This happens Tuesday, December 25, at 5 pm at Parkinson's Recreation Center, volunteers prepare dinner with an Indian dish, including dessert, with Indian filling and sauce, prepared by the Okanagan Cooking Program.

There are gifts for children and youth, 200 souvenirs for food, 60 survival packs, prizes, music and entertainment. "Our desire is that" nobody should spend Christmas, "said Pastor Diana Trypke, who are still looking for some kind of community assistance." The generosity of business and individuals in our community has given people somewhere the opportunity to travel and enjoy Christmas, surrounded by others, "said Trikk

You can support this event by donating an event on December 18th or earlier.

Money gifts for Life of the Victory is here.

Required items for 60 surviving packages: toothpaste, toothbrush, soap trousers, socks, gloves and deodorant. They are also looking for films about passing 35 for children and 25 for young people.

More than 400 people talked with pancakes at the Mission on Saturday morning, all in favor.

The Mission of the 14th Annual Ton and Toy Pancakes with Santa's Day was held from 9 to 11 pm in the Okanagan Mission Public Club, Mission Lions Club and Girl Girl's Guide.

For $ 2 and a donated toy, the participants met with a pancake and Santa's visit.

Collected hundreds of toys were donated by Kelowna Santas, a local volunteer group working to give the best children a better Christmas.

"This is a lot of toys, he filled the scene here in the Mission Hall," said Beverly Dow, manager of the Okanagan Public Hall. "(Kelowna Santas) distributes them to many other organizations in the city."

In addition to pancakes, girls send decorated cookies and sell handicrafts, perfect for Christmas gifts.

Dow thanked all the residents of the mission who came out in support of this event and donated the toy.

"Every year we get an increase in the number of people coming," she said. "It has always been very well visited, and this is a really good community event."

Neighbors oppose the maintenance of the housing stock planned for the Agassiz Road plan to test outside the city council of Kelowna on Monday.

The rally will take place at noon to highlight the concerns of mostly senior neighbors about the BK housing project, which will work on "wet caches" that allow indoor drug use.

A group of Alliance neighbors said earlier that the initiative for a homeless home is "the right project in the wrong place."

This offered second-degree accommodation for women, and children would be better suited to the area in which there are several residential complexes of the elderly.

Nearly 250 people reigned in a recent meeting against which the project was being launched, as well as dozens of scenic posters outside of the informational session of the British housing infrastructure at the Ramada Hotel last month.

"It is our firm belief that homes that are likely to make up a significant number of high-risk offenders, crack and heroin users and crack cocaine, as well as those with severe mental disorders, such as schizophrenia, should not be placed in high quarters density, especially those in the house, a large number of vulnerable elderly people, "the group said.

The average tax payer in the lake country could pay another $ 160 in municipal taxes in 2019.

This happens after the council is ready to consider the 2019 draft financial plan, which requires an increase of 8.7 percent.

More than half of the proposed increase in taxes, 4.9 percent, goes to service arrears in the new fire zone of Lake Country.

Residents voted 62.9 percent in favor of a new hearth during the October municipal elections, which led to an increase.

The remaining 3.8 percent increase includes 1.8 percent for the transportation plan for the future and 2 percent for operating and capital costs.

The documents covering some of the significant increases for the next year show 1.5 percent in payment of trade union contracts, about 2.5 dollars for increasing the CPI under other contracts and a net increase of 83,000 dollars for road repairs.

The municipality is also proposed to increase the staff for six posts and one new RCMP member.

The council will have its first chance to discuss the budget next Tuesday.

December 8, 2018 / 5:00 AM | History:

This year's influenza or influenza strain may be narrowing beyond the last two years, focusing on people of the younger and middle aged.

"From November 25 to December 1, we received a 45-person test on indoor hospitals and we see a sharp increase in the number of young people we usually see in the H1N1 influenza A season," said Health Health, "The last two seasons of the flu were predominantly an H3N2 strain, which most likely targets older people."

Internal Healthcare recommends everyone get a snapshot of the flu, often wash your hands and stay at home if you show signs of a disease.

"This year, the H1N1 strain can have a serious impact on workplaces where young and middle workers are more likely to give up on flu." adds Goodison

Influenza is a serious infectious respiratory infection, which can lead to hospitalization and death in severe cases. The infection spreads when a person comes into contact with drops from an infected person who coughs or sneezes. The symptoms of the flu may include fever, pain, fatigue, headache, mild pain, runny nose, sore throat and cough.

Anyone who does not have a flu shot should wear a mask at the entrance to any medical facility.

To find a clinic or pharmacy that offers a flu vaccine, click here.

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