Monday , September 20 2021

Nadeshot gives an excursion on the new 100x content hut in LA

The "100 Thieves" brand is expanding rapidly, and Chief Executive Officer Matthew Nadeshott Haag was pleased to take his fans to an excursion on a new 100T Content home that the team recently acquired.

Superfire and the organization of "100 thieves" have been on the ascent trajectory since their first 2018 season, and now they will strive to provide their fans with more content in 2019 with a new home for creators.

The 100T Strawberry Rachel Walchery Hofsetter and Nadeshot have passed all of Los Angeles's property, which will become the base base for creative organization organizations.

Even knowing that there will be two more people in the house, when it will work, the space will be incredible both in style and in size.

The video begins with the fact that the couple shows a guest bedroom on the second floor, which will serve as the office of a future resident, who will stay in a small bedroom on the second floor.

The living room of the house, like the rest of the house, is decorated with a modern design from a color palette to furniture.

The tour turned a view on the backyard that had a chic pool with a cozy seating area decked with a fireplace.

Each room had enormous expanses, huge expanses and incredible natural light. Residents will also have access to spacious cabinets, while Nadeshot will be able to pick two huge walks, apparently for all sick clothing, which is known to have 100T.

Nasoshot said that he and Valkyr is the first of two of the four content creators who will populate the two-story building, and recalled that the team is now trying to fill the other rooms.

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