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Redskins vs. Texans: High and Less Week 11

The Redskins have one of their toughests tests that are the rest of the 2018 campaign, as Houston Texans went to a Sunday competition on a six-strike strike strike of two 6-3 teams.

Washington joined a Sunday without four major contributors, as she came to her, Trent Williams, the broad receiver, Jamison Crowder, the successor of Chris Thompson, and Quinton Dunbar in the whole corner, were declared inactive on for the Sunday game.

Can Washington overcome the number of injuries they have and the Texans fall, something that a team can not do since September?

Here are the highlights and the lowestlights of Week 11 games …

Redskins vs. Texans: High and Minimum


HIGH: The Redskins are dumped on their first two drives, including three out to open the game. After supporting 15, Washington managed to move 3rd and 6 from Alex Smith to Michael Floyd to keep the driver going before it ended.

Washington's third driver went a little better with a 24-yard holding by Jordan Reed's tight head and a 13-yard reception by Maurice Harris. He looked like J.J. Watt wore the campaign with a strip on 3rd and 10 years old and pushed the Redskins out of the field, but a protective call kept the drive alive.

Trey Quinn's 15-yard diving payment gives Washington a good shape on the 15. This is Quinn's first game for Week 1 after a serious fake injury. The Redskins ended the first quarter with 2nd and 4 in the 8 after running Adrian Peterson. Can they rotate it?

LOWS: The Texans spent 68 yards in 10 plays and 4:38 to take a 3-0 leader on the field field of Karamas Fairbairn 23-yard. The good news? Lamar Miller only had nine rubber yards. The bad? They gave the best two plays of 16 yards or more to quarter quarter of Houston, Deshaun Watson, and did not go to the Hopkins Receptionist, Houston's receiver. Uh oh

You know what was coming. Hopkins dropped a 16-yard touchdown by Watson on the re-driving of Texans, and sudden memories of losing Atlanta and New Orleans losses rushed back. The Redskins team was not built back from 10-0. The Texans had only six plays to go 69 yards at 3:13.


HIGH: Adrian Peterson was beaten in a 3-yard start-up series and the Houston leader was cut to 10-7. Peterson heard the story of Redskins John Riggins with a touchdown of over 104 carer. They are always tied for the sixth. The scoring game was a striking drama, 75 yards at 4:01.

The Redskins have now forced at least one turnover in 13 consecutive games. Mason Foster gave relief to the passing of Deshaun Watson by the team of Josh Harvey-Clemons.

Three out were not ideal. But Tress Way's Trustee did what he did and pinned the Texans at the 4.

Trey Quinn showed his face again with a 13-yard holding on the 3rd and 6th in the 29. That was the Redskins in the scoring. Or … at least ONE team was scoring. Washington was not.

LOWS: Alex Smith never enforces anything. That's his whole deal. But on the 3rd and the goal of # 9, he forced to pass Jordan Reed's tight end. Instead of a worst 10-10 game after a field field goal attempt, the path was crossed and returned 101 yards by Houston's security, Justin Reid. He did that 17-7. Achieving achievement.

And it happened again a few minutes later. Capri Bibbs was given the opportunity to go back by Brennan Scarlett on the 22. Lucky for Smith and Redskins, who lost the kick, Karen Fairbairn, a 44-yard kick.


HIGHLANDS: Hard to talk about any third quarter highlights where it looked like quarter quarter, Alex Smith was holding a right injury in the season ending.

But the Redskins defense hit again in the early half. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix dropped to DeAndre Hopkins and Mason Foster to restore the subsequent fumble. Honestly, he looked like he was intercepted the ball by pulled off the Hopkins chest as he popped. Whatever. Washington stopped starting the opening of Houston with the second turnover of the game.

Preston Smith attacked the linebacker outside Deshaun Watson in the 13th and quarterly round, Colt McCoy went into Smith and after throwing a nine-touchdown touchdown to & # 39; r pen tight, Jordan Reed. Houston leader was 17-14.

LOWS: Alex Smith hurts and was great and she was hard to watch. Thirty three years after the incredible Joe Theismann game in the 1985 game against New York Giants, Smith held an enthusiastic injury / leg / ankle injury. Watch the replacement only if you're not squeamish. It was awful and nothing else that comes from this game is very important. The Colt McCoy team is for the foreseeable future. Smith was dismissed by Kareem Jackson in the corner and defended J.J. Watt and her turn went right towards him. He was pulled off the field with an air tower on the leg.

The Texans responded to the pass touchdown McCoy with a 33-yard field goal by Karen Fairbairn. Houston led 20-14 with 1:19 left in the third quarter.


HIGHLANDS: The Redskins had hit Alex Smith's injury shock. According to the quarterback, Colt McCoy was following his third quarter transfer with a 10-play, 67-yard touchdown career. Adrian Peterson was excited and a day out of seven yards out. The extra point Washington gave 21-20 leaders at 12:02 a.m. and the fourth quarter.

With: 52 to go, Miss Fairbairn, Texans chief, lost a 35 yards field goal to give Redskins an opportunity without any timetable after and down 23-21. The Redskins failed to pass the 45th and a 62-yard field goal attempts were up to 10 yards in short.

LOWS: The Texans had a driving stall in Washington's territory after an illegal block in the back and settled for a 54-yard field field by the chefman Ka's Fairbairn. I'll ignore it. Unfortunately. That did 23-21 Texans with 7:30 to go.

The Redskins can not answer the next drive. They got down Adrian Peterson, but J.J. Bob Watt and Jadeveon Clowney have lost Colt McCoy to give a pound with five minutes to play.

Washington could get the ball back quickly, but on 3rd and 7th of the 45s, Texans completed a pipe to run according to Lamar Miller for the first time to keep the clock running.

At 3rd and 5 in the 37, the Redskins thought they had given up the first shy Watson on running. Instead, Josh Norman was hit with a defensive defensive penalty. The Texans were first down with 1:51 to go.


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