Monday , September 20 2021

The trudo fills the round holes in the box with square pegs

It was nice that when one of Justin's friends Trudo's unclear fell into a higher office position, there were also promotions for some liberals.

For 17 months, Seamus O & # 39; Regan, as the Minister for Veterans Affairs, had no worries, so one would expect that he would put a question at his court, not a golden star. But Mr Trudeau transferred him to the Native People Service, which is a great hot spot, which is likely to be very noticeable in the year of elections.

The Prime Minister called his friend a "leader in the office," but if so, then it was evident to the outside world when Mr. Regin sometimes showed weak command of his portfolio and suspected a political decision.

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Then for Mr Trudeau, it was good that he was able to promote Jane Philpott, a model of quiet competence of the cabinet, from indigenous services to a large economic portfolio, the Treasury Board. And in order to be sure, he picked up the sharp David W. Laetti, a former professor of law in McGill, right in the portfolio of justice.

However, switching the cabinet on Monday exploded as a kind of game of political trays and stairs, which included some unusual options. There was a sudden relief of Jody Wilson-Reybold, who moved from Justice to Veterans, to Mr. Reagan's hard-line propaganda, and some important places remained.

The direct reason for the shuffle was the resignation of the president of the Treasury, Scott Brison, which meant that Mr Trudo had to place a Nova Scotia MP in the cabinet and transfer a more experienced minister to the Treasury Board.

Filling the slot Nova Scotia was the most obvious political day of the day – and not only because the work went to the deputy Bernadette Jordan, representing the top of the Liberals, rarely winning, Southern Coast-Saint. Margaret This is also due to the fact that she had been given a new portfolio of "Rural Economic Development", which had the authority to deal with issues of importance to small communities, such as access to the Internet, and to score scores in many corners, especially in Atlantic Canada

One of the big surprises was the steep fall of Mrs Wilson-Reubold. The nomination of an indigenous woman as Justice Minister was seen as a landmark in 2015, but on Monday she dropped a few pints for veterans, especially in her pitfalls.

There was a rumor that Mrs. Wilson-Reybold was cruelly concerned with officials and staff and suffered some of her colleagues not in the wrong direction – Maryan Mykhchuk was pushed from the cabinet for similar reasons in 2017. . She spent three years in a high-profile portfolio without any inconvenient mistakes. It seemed strange that Mr Trudeau suddenly cut his wings before the elections.

This decrease probably made the promotion of Mrs. Philpott the inevitable. Mr. Trudeau needed an experienced hand, but with Mrs. Wilson-Reybold, who was walking down the stairs – and after the decline of Melina Jolie in July last year to the tourism portfolio – there was a good policy to turn a woman into a senior economic portfolio.

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But this meant pulling Mrs. Filthott from the "Indigenous People's Service", where she won honor for unexpected progress. She was assigned a job because she was a practical minister who was trusted to succeed on a multi-year problem file. She leaves skills gap, and Mr Regan is not the most likely minister to fill it.

The work was a new portfolio created in 2017, when Indian affairs were split into two, and Mrs. Filpott was tasked with improving services and gloomy social implications for indigenous communities – raising recommendations for boiling water, reducing the number of children, care and so on.

Now this is the year of elections, when the great promise of the liberals to restore the way Ottawa's agreement with Canadians from indigenous people, and Mr Trudeau has moved his most likely figure into a file in a portfolio that deals more with domestic government.

In the end, the prime minister must fill the slots. Mr. Brisson's demand for a rerouting in the elections, and Mr Trudeau decided to save him for a few changes rather than overhauling his government. Once you decide to keep most of the big names in place, there are not many variations available. But in this perverse coup, Mr Trudeau filled a few openings with square pegs.

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