Monday , September 20 2021

A heated debate between Hugo Valencia and Vasco Mullian in the morning

Critic suggested reporting to a journalist.

This Monday, there was a heated debate in the "Very Good Morning" between Vasco Mulian and Hugo Valencia, which began after the alleged separation of Tonka Tomičić from Paraveda.

"It is extremely necessary to correct this information, because on the date when this paparazzi was recorded, in 2014 there was no rumor that Tonka was not with Paravedom. And that's what I explained, because on the day that Plano's primer released this chapter, they invited me. I went to this program to comment on the image. Why was it decided to do this the paparazzi? Because there was no record in situations such as intimate with Pariji, "said former speaker Bienvendoos.

Then the journalist added that the rumor arose because they had never seen together, justifying what they wanted to know about what Tonka was doing outside the television, the situation that Vasco had interrupted.

"I invite you to report, Hugo, so that you could tell me tomorrow …", said the telekritik, while Hugo was a little upset.

The debate came to a halt when Vasco told him the exact date of the "scandal of the week," stating that this happened in 2015.

Finally, Valencia corrected Muliana, saying that he wanted to remind him that the issue was in 2014, not the date he said.

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