Thursday , February 27 2020
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Apple is moving its Mac Pro into China


Until Mac Pro The current has been manufactured in Texas since its release in 2013, the The Wall Street Journal reports that the new Mac Pro, introduced earlier this month, will be collected by Quanta Computer in China.

Quanta is said to increase the production of the new Mac Pro at a factory near Shanghai, and given the lower wages and proximity to other Apple suppliers in Asia, it is expected that Apple's production will cost Apple less than what it will cost in the US?

This move will allow Apple to avoid many of the problems faced by its US suppliers by collecting Mac Pro in the United States. The Mac Pro is the only large Apple product manufactured in the United States, the rest being assembled by Chinese contractors, such as Quanta for Apple Watch.

It's clear that Apple knew about Donald Trump's plans, and that Mac Pro 2019 is manufactured in China – this is an up-to-date news, because, since the Mac Pro until 2013, all of them were made in Texas, this is the company's first professional team to be manufactured in China.

Apple said in a statement that "the final assembly is only part of the production process," adding that "the new Mac Pro is designed and developed in the United States and includes some components made in the United States." ,

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