Friday , June 18 2021

Artificial Intelligence is passed to the painting to make you a portrait

The art world is beginning to make interesting projects with Artificial Intelligence, and from this you can even benefit yourself.

Art has a new fashion painter known to change the future of the sector. This character, with a rather innovative technological technique, is a beginner because it has just reached the art world, but that does not mean that it can not achieve Good quality portraits that finish at Prado Museum in a few years.

Well, the assumption can be a bit extreme, but she's worth it to look at her work. Artificial Intelligence is an artistic name and you only need a picture to create a portrait that you would like to hang immediately in the living room.

The artistic algorithm that paints portraits

We do not all have a bank account with a fund that allows us to go to art auctions to get the most powerful market images. For this reason, Luca Stornaiuolo and Mauro Martino have thought about us in creating Artificial Intelligence make those pictures at no cost to the public.

This AI specializes in personal portraits only at the moment, but who knows if it is adapted to new fields in a few months. If you want to see what your face looks like in a robot painting, You need to upload a picture of your own to the web and observe the result.

If you do not want or do not upload a personal picture, you can scroll down the web and see hundreds of examples of work that Artificial Intelligence has already done.

Here are some of the portraits made by Intelligence Artificial. AI Portreadau

Thanks to the work of its creators, you do not have to download any additional program or instrument to see how an algorithm interprets and reproduces the face in an artistic way. "The intention is to share the experience of being portrayed by an AI algorithm, to find out how the AI ​​sees you, there is no will to improve or spoil the first image", explain the authors on the web.

If you have any concerns about your privacy when uploading a personal picture to AI Portraits, creators point on the page the images are sent directly to the administrators. In addition, they will just to make the portraits and then deleted.

How does this Artificial Intelligence work?

We know that already I can paint portraits if there is no problem, but it's interesting also deals with the same composition process. How do you create an algorithm that can create a photograph in an artistic way? All the answers are given by the authors on the AI ​​website.

It should be noted that the algorithm was trained with millions of images of actors and actors. From these archives, Artificial Intelligence has learned how all the features that are part of a portrayal are.

This is where INSET comes in, a type of technology that includes two heavenly networks that work simultaneously. In the first place, we have the differential network, which has trained with pictures and actors and can identify the portraits. In the second place we have the production network, responsible for creating a new portrait based on their knowledge.

In this way Artificial Intelligence creates "My own fictional music, training data and actors evaporates my image and creates dialogue between celebrities and I. We see a cinematic self, independent and different from my own real".

The main objective of the algorithm is to create a realistic representation of the image that it receives. Therefore, there are no filters or visual effects that are interaction in the final result, This is just a product from the Artificial Intelligent Artist.

In short, upload your own picture to AI Portraits and you can see exactly how it works. be careful try to make the image close that does not have external elements so that the AI ​​will not be involved and acknowledge your face well.

A novel and powerful relationship

Artificial Intelligence has landed in the art world. However, it has already provided us with interesting news that reveals its potential in this industry. For example, a few months ago we did the first auction of a painting made by algorithm.

The relationship between Artificial Intelligence and painting a long journey on

That artificial Intelligence Intelligence, which is clearly known, was trained, with 15,000 paintings made between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Of those examples, he was able to perform Portrait of Edmond Belamy, a picture that I've finally sold for $ 432,500, that is, over 378,000 euros by Christie's auction house.

We could say that this first auction of work painted by AI is even an impressive success for its creators, who they expected only about $ 10,000 before the sales took place. Although we did not emphasize the relationship between Painting Intelligent Intelligence in the first place, this data shows us that it is a novel relationship at the same time very powerful.

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