Friday , July 30 2021

Avianca announces new direct flight to the European city: Munich | News from El Salvador

Avianca It has opened its longest flight. There is almost 12 hours of direct travel that will merge from Friday, November 16 to Bogota, Colombia, with Munich, the main city in southern Germany.

That trip went for the first time from El Dorado airport last Friday at 10:45 p.m. From today it operates five times a week.

"So the company is the only Latin American airline to operate at Wales International Airport Munich-Franz Josef Strauss", Avianca said in a press release.

Cities of other Avianca destinations in Europe are cities London (England), Madrid to Barcelona (Spain).

"We are pleased to connect our passengers with this new destination and continue to expand the opportunities for connection through our network of routes. With Munich, there are now 110 destinations in 27 countries that & # 39; The airline arrives, "said Hernán Rincón, CEO and CEO of Avianca Holdings, said the statement.

Avianca reported that Germany had a special connection, because the founders of that base, its first pilots and the first aircraft came. Avianca was established on December 5, 1919 with the name of SCADTA: German Colombo Air Transport Society.

The company claims that there is a modern fleet with procurement Boeing 787 number 13. Among the advantages Avianca publishes are larger windows, larger size in the parts of handbags, lower noise levels, pure air and air luggage.

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