Friday , September 17 2021

Baloe in Renca: Investigating the killing of women in public streets

Personnel Kill Brigade (BH) PDI Investigates a crime a woman about 30 years old who got a bullet in the chestwhen I was in a husband's company. All this is on the pavement of the street José Manuel Balmaseda, in Renka.

Baloe in Renca

According to preliminary data, the victim came from a moving car. From the inside, a man pulled out a pistol, releasing at least twice.

Unfortunately, one of the shells hit his chest. As a result, the woman died on the spot.

The crime occurred at Renca at 5087 José Manuel Balmazeda, after 16:30. It was found that at that moment a woman spoke to a person who was no longer known.

There, according to witnesses, there is a vehicle gray wagon He approached these two people. Later, one of its inhabitants took out the weapon, firing twice.

The case came from hands Ministry, which explores the possible discussion of a bet where a man would throw a stone on a woman, the one who did not give it into the body, gave a stop to a parked car, breaking one of the mobile glasses.

After this, the owner sat on his car and took out a firearm to shoot a couple, mortally wounded 30-year-old woman,

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