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Chadwick Minister announces complaints in the case of Catrillanca and omits political responsibilities «Diario y Radio U Chile

The inner minister went to the Congress to explain, in a special session, what happened in this case. However, the Secretary of State had not announced legal action, but did not refer to the possible departure of the mayor of Luis Mayol.

Monday, November 19, 2018 18:47 hrs.

Valparaiso, May 17, 2018.
Minister Tu, Andres Chadwick, appoints the meeting of the Police Divisional Committee.
Sebastian Cisternas / AtonChile.

The Commission of Human Rights and the Citizens' Security Commission met on Monday to meet with the Interior Minister Andrés Chadwick and the Director General of Carabineros, Hermes Soto, who came to Congress to explain what happened to the case. or Camilo Catrillanca.

After chairing by deputy Carmen Hertz and deputy Iván Flores, both commissions listened to statements from the minister, who were about how the Government has been making different decisions in this situation.

The Secretary of State stated that he himself was asking General Hermes Grove to move to the area to gather background information and take personal responsibility for the events that took place in the region. After that trip, Soto said that the officers were afraid of him and there was a registry, but he had destroyed.

In the session, Chadwick defended himself from the criticisms made by opposition parliamentarians and said that, as a person, he felt very much by the death of a member of the Mapuche community. At the same time, he decided that his government wanted the militari of Araucanía, but that he only sought the security of the region.

"What we have to do is, within a phenomenon of violence that nobody can ignore, which has been developing for decades, groups of carbohydrates have to be taken as those in Pailahueque to give More security for every Araucanía citizen, "he said.

In addition, the minister announced that the Government will prosecute "against those responsible for the acts of violence that caused the young young person's death", and also against those involved in the destruction of evidence and Against the authors of the car stealing that caused the police to take action.

On the other hand, he resigned to resign his or her post, because he noted that President Piñera should ask for that, and that his role complies with the security of the country, is an objective that he is working on. for.


The commissions were held for more than 2 hours.

After ministers' statements, a number of parliamentarians, both objections and ex-government, asked him questions so that he could explain different doubts about the actions of the Government and the Carabineros. However, depending on the time of the commissions, the lawyer could not answer.

One of the deputies addressed Andrés Chadwick was the socialist Emilia Nuyado, who is from the origin of Mapuche – Huilliche, who accused beyond the political side of each administration, what they must understand is that they He never wanted to place the State over the sovereignty of the original people.

"You, no one, neither will this Congress, nor the Chile State achieve, and it will improve the pain to the family of Camilo Catrillanca, and have not died any of the" those who have fallen, who you are noticing, as a result of the Governments & the Concertation and the New Majority (…) Because they have governed the Major Majority & The Concert is independent, the great oligarchies have always been governing and have been involved in the entire arm in the Araucanía, "said Nuyado.

On the other hand, deputy RD Miguel Crispi made a call to take the debate beyond individual responsibilities, but asked him to discuss how the public policies of the Chilean State have damaged Mapuche people for decades: "When they are called fulfill its political responsibility for responding but also with the policies implemented, and there is enough information so that we all of us here can say that a State policy failed in its relationship with Mapuche people . "

The General Director of Carabineros was also invited to the session, who was always present, and who also asked several questions. However, it could not intervene for the limited time of the committees, identified next Wednesday to the Citizens' Safety Commission to explain the cause and irregularities in the organization's procedures.

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