Friday , July 30 2021

Clean writer: Vale Roth's fierce release towards women who criticize her

Controversial filter, broken and no. Some of the features that stand out Valentina Roth, who these days are far from the small screen. So social networks are not, where it's up-to-date for all of its activities more than 600 thousand followers.

Digital "Digital" platforms often create arguments because of their photos and videos that have not been found, which are critically criticized for their content , especially by women.

For this reason, the young girl decided to make her release through the Instagram Institutions section, where she was completely worn out against her cheats.

"What if I like my friend? I do not like it, I love it. Joy Keep reading," He began to say

"A message with affection and respect to all circles c … without a life Do you know where I'm going to spend? Ok there. What laughs your opinion, as if I were careful ", He expressed, obviously, incredible.

"What's my ability to me is that no woman has said anything in my face, face to face, they find me a messenger. They have to Walking around creating a fake Instagram every day, but I'm usually used. "

"The pool that tells me Maraca [email protected] face to face, I will not hit it. I'm going to her grandmother and I'm going to say big, now, because you told me that to face me. But there are no such people, just me "he says.

To finish with: "We sorry for the surfers, but the women treat you like this and then they're going to march, stupid stinks."

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