Friday , September 17 2021

Demonstration of the murder of Kamilo Katrilanki ended with at least four detainees

Two months after the death of the Mapuchee Commune Kamilo KatrilankaIt was for this reason that a small group of people held a demonstration in the vicinity of La Moneda. Unfortunately, this initiative ended in minor incidents, and at least four people were detained for the transition of the papal fences.

Demonstration Kamilot Katrilanka

Catrillanca Manifestation of Katrilanka / Aton

The protest, caused by several non-governmental organizations of the capital's region, was aimed at recalling the murder of the commune. Recall that Catrillanca died on November 14th due to a shot made by Gope de Carabineros in Ercilla, also known as "Jungle Command".

It was found that the march was calm over several blocks. However, arriving at Alameda from Morande, a group of people went through safety fences to get to the Palace of the Government area. Then officials of the special forces of carabinieri intercepted who arrested at least two people.

The policeman in the form, in addition, activated the car, launches water in the vicinity of Teatinis and Nathaniel Cox. The place where the protesters grouped to continue the march.

It is worth mentioning that today they started to work Commission for reviewing the case in Katrilanka in the House of Representatives, Which seeks to capture the political and administrative responsibility of the state apparatus in a crime against the commune.

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