Friday , September 17 2021

Dollar in Chile today

The currency finally ended at $ 673.3, which is $ 1.5 less than the closing date.

The enthusiasm that pushed for a dollar in Chile last week was optimistic about the possible end of the Chinese-US trade warfare, cooling off at the first hours of Monday in the currency market following the Asian giant's trading signals, including signals on the market.

In fact, in the first interbank operations, the exchange rate operated at $ 676.70, and after reaching $ 678.6, the dollar in Chile returned to the trend and finally ended at $ 673.3, that is, $ 1, 5 less than Closure of the day.

It is also the lowest of December 5th.

One of the reasons that affected this was that in the first hours the dollar at the global level was stable, but with the onset of hours, the North American currency fell by 0.14% against the basket of hard currencies.

Of course, Chilean pesos declined due to a sharp drop in copper prices, which fell 1.1% on the London Metal Exchange.

Today, trade balance data have been published in China, which showed the largest fall in exports over the past two years and the drop in imports, which has alarmed the effects of a trade war in the second world economy.

The controversy over tariffs and their impact on global growth is one of the key moments of pressure on new currencies over the past 12 months, and the Chilean peso has an impact, in particular, on the price of copper, the main buyer of which is Beijing.

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