Monday , September 20 2021

Instagram is updated on iOS to adapt to the iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR permissions

The new update released the Instagram giant for the Apple platform that we know as Apple, which we call iOS.

This new update aims to fix the appearance of the program when it is running on the latest iPhone Cupertino.

Currently, those who own the iPhone XS Max or iPhone XR will notice that the Instagram application is viewed with a slightly larger interface, and this is precisely because it is not adapted to the permission of these devices.

But things will change today when you upgrade the new version of Instagram from the App Store, as this version is fully compatible with the iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR, making the interface properly adapted to appear on the screen.

Please note that Instagram has already upgraded its program to resolve this issue a few months ago, but the update has since eliminated this compatibility so far.

The new version of Instagram, released today, is only available to iOS users, and you can download it from a store that we know as the App Store.

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