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Luis Gneco counter-attack with "old balls …" Patti Maldonado and Raquel Arandon Glamorama

Posted by Christian Farias Ravalal / December 9, 2018

"It seems that they felt deeply detectable … Well, welcome!" This is the last phrase in a public confrontation between Luis Gneco and Patti Maldonado and Raquel Arrandonii.

The 56-year-old actor resumed the battle against morning entrants by placing these words in Instagram, where he manages more than 45,000 followers.

This offer is the answer to the press release that appeared today in the El Mercurio newspaper, which tells about the plans of the Maldonado and Arandonga.

Among its projects will be a concert cafe during the second half of next year. This will be called the Viejas Culías, which repeats the adjective that Gnecco has dedicated to Pat and Rakela a few days ago.

The main character of such films as "Karadim or Neruda" cataloged the "old cooks" for Aranda and Maldonado, because Raquel made an ironic comment when they sent Amparo Nogueer to Channel 13.

A month ago, Amparo was the main voice that called for Patti Maldonado to leave Mega, after a dispute where actor Alejandro Goic quickly stepped out on the occasion of the morning Mega when the singer entered. Later, Goych explained that "it does not give me the soul" to be with people who protect the torture and disappearances of people during the Pinochet dynasty.

Meanwhile, in April last year at a meeting to withdraw the bill on the issuance of a voucher to victims of dictatorship, MP Ignacio Urrutia called the victims "terrorists with bonuses".

Later, this sentence was punished by the Ethics Committee of the Chamber of Deputies, which imposed a fine on the parliament.

However, Maldonado posted on his Facebook: "You really have your pants on, and do not like others on your bench that only wear them to cover … Let Urrutia's deputy continue to fight. Never forget that the brave die on their legs and cowards die on their knees and cry. "

This message was omitted and made public, creating a wave of criticism of the singer, who this year received protests from different areas for his position against the dictatorship.

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