Friday , September 17 2021

Mario Salas: If we do not find a real reinforcement, we will preserve what we have.

Technical Director of Colo Colo Mario Salas held his first press conference in Buenos Aires a place where albos make their pre-season. There he said that he hopes to add two more players, although he admitted that if they do not find players who are real reinforcements, they will keep what they have.

"We are very excited, especially for the arrival of (Gabriel) Bones, as well as to Andres (Vilches). We see the ability to add one or two names, but we have to be responsible, – he said.

Also, regarding the impossibility of hiring foreigners, since quotas are exhausted, then "The search is limited, limited and does not allow us to bring players from other countries, which limits us only to Chil , We have faith and confidence to bring true reinforcements, if not, then we will stay with the players that we have because the Kolo Kolo campus is very rich.

Regarding the training of the school, he noted that "Buenos Aires is well treated to us … We are very happy and the conditions were impressiveWe are very good and we find a very motivated team. Going through the game, we can come up in a good position to achieve goals. "

In this line, he pointed out that "things are considered as time, they are not fast, but We tried to instill a macro-idea, and reception was good. Realizing that each game will indicate how you should push that will be an important tactical system that should also be considered.

"Based on our idea, we are trying to fulfill our style and hope that players will be convinced"We are on the right track because of all the time we need – we hope to achieve this as soon as possible," he added.

Gabriel Costa and Gaetou

On his last registration, he assured that "Gabriel is a player who has many options, It is not just a pointer to speed, it is also grappled in a good form, it is centralized. He is a player who will contribute a lot, He is a footballer who wanted, and I'm grateful for it. "

On another reinforcement, Juan Carlos GaeteMario Salas did not want to go deeper and repeat: "Marcelo's position is the one we have with the club, waiting for Juan Carlos Goethe to decide. He has the answer to all things. He noted that he had no problems with his colleagues, he said, this is a closed topic. Gaete – the player of the circle of circle"

Baeza, Zaldivia and Paredes

On the possible withdrawal of Russia Claudio Baeza or Matias Soldovia, He also did not want to express too much. "I have nothing specific about Claudio and Matias. I can not give an opinion on this… This is not the first time there are rumors about Bayeux, – he said.

Finally, he mentioned the role Esteban Paredes on the register, assuring that "I saw him very well, very motivated in the training, he not only plays a role in the field, but also in leadership. He takes on this role and helps us as a coaching staff"

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