Monday , September 20 2021

Nicolas Yarri again became the victim of Leonardo Mayer in the first round of the Australian Open

Nicolas Jarri he could not get even before Leonardo Mayer. Like last year's premiere, Chilean, 45th in the ATP ranking, fell against Argentina (53rd) in the first round of the Australian Open, the first Grand Sham season.

The number one in the country fought for 3 hours and 12 minutes, and despite the mistake of returning after the domination of the third set, ended with competition after the signing of partial 6-7 (4), 6-7 (3), 6-4 and 3-6.

Creole's representative could almost never find the answer to a solid and powerful Trudian service. In fact, "Yacaré" seemed tower to grandson of Jaime Fillol.

The first manga was a couple and although the "prince" saved a couple break points in the fourth game, both values ​​maintained their service until they were determined to suddenly die. In the tiebreaker, Correntino made a difference with his solid serve, with 7-4 unlike the match.

In the second section "Nico" has just formed the possibility of a break in the fourth game, but Champion of the Davis Cup in 2016 He saved everything with his service. Then two paused to action tie-break, where Trazandino was impeccable.

In the third sleeve shares continued uniform, but Criolo finally managed to break his rival into the nine games, and then closed partially after a long reverse of the Argentine, causing homotypes a large number of Chileans who arrived at the trial of the Melbourne Park, who tirelessly supported his fellow countryman with the classic "ceacheí".

However, in the fourth episode, Jarrea was accused of fatigue, lowered his level and handed down a counter of innocent mistakes until he resigned from service in the eighth. gameto Mayer still fix everything with his turn from below.

The "Prince" will have a second chance in the current edition of Australian Open when it plays double box along with Argentine Maxim Gonzalez.

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