Friday , April 16 2021

Nobody has risen yet, and they have already scamped one of the completely new electric buses of Transantiago National

One of Transdiag's new and new electric buses was absolutely vandalism inside the terminal.

This is unusual, but they arrived two weeks ago, so far no one has approached one of them, and they have already been attacked by strangers who have completely painted one of the most modern transportation units of South America, which will start operations in the capital.

The incident occurred at the beginning of the month at one of the terminals in the Maipú municipality. There are 100 buses on which Metbus operates, and they are waiting for the launch of an electric corridor on the avenue of Greece, where they will take a tour of 5 communes in the Metropolitan area to be held in the middle of this month.

There is no information about those arrested by this act. The government has previously qualified paintings, graffiti or scratches that are not allowed in real estate and public and private goods as "unsuitability."

This latest episode reminds us of what happened with a two-story bus that was tested last year on Santiago's streets and was also attacked.

Good news for future users is that the bus immediately recovered, which confirms that these machines not only have air conditioning, universal accessibility and environmental friendliness, since they do not have polluting emissions or noise, but can also be easily cleaned. Thus, there was no permanent loss.

Carl Rubylar, Mayor of Metropolitan City, faced what happened through her Twitter account.

"Complete rejection of vandalism that they have not even used," he said.

The bus is recovering

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