Friday , September 17 2021

Parliamentarians turn to CIC for millions of millionaires and are foreseen by illegal actions of the ENAP National

Senator Manuel José Osandon, deputy Leonidas Romero and heads of the National Petroleum Company (ENAP), met with Head of the State Council of Defense (CDE), Maria Yevgeniya Manod, for accusations of committing the state.

Parliamentarians of the National Restoration have asked that this organization be part of the complaints and that they explain the debt of the millionaires 5 billion dollars what ENAP currently supports.

Last Monday in the House, a report was adopted by the Commission, which investigates the investments and arrears of the ENAP, which does not establish political responsibility the administrations of the oil company of the last governments.

In this sense, the colonel deputy accused those who voted for the report "to defend corruption."

This is the task of deputy Romero CRD becomes part of complaints of justice in Bio Bio. "Here, the fall, someone, must be real. You can not reach anyone, "he said.

"Justice should determine where they were lost, where those resources were lost and who is responsible Not because it is a state-owned company, the leaders will be able to squander the money of all the Chileans, and nothing happens to them, "he added.

For a $ 5 billion you can do a lot– said Sen. Osandon. "This is the money of all the Chileans, and someone has to answer (…) Many plans for Araucania can be made, a lot of Senam … And here, as if nothing had happened … There should be responsibility," he said.

The Secretary General of CUT and the President of the ENAP Workers' Federation also took part in the meeting. Nilberto Diaz, who appreciated that they were right-wing parliamentarians who are persecuting corruption.

– He just thanked Deputy Romero, Senator Osandon for the Renovación Nacional, for the obligation they should investigate. This is very important for us, "he said.

The report of the investigative commission considered a series of ENAP investments, such as business with Iran, which did not stand and which meant Debt amounting to 27 mln and that Iran pays for shipment of oil.

The commission says that these bad investments can happen with any big company.

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