Friday , September 17 2021

Reactions that left the debut of Maurice Rivera and Rodrigo Diaz as red animators for the holiday TVs and shows

This Monday, he debuted on TVN screens, Red on vacation, the summer version of the program, which seeks to select new members of the clan.

This time, there will be two teams, green and blue, which will undergo various tests, both skill and knowledge.

In addition, as animators, two historians of the program have undertaken tasks that are also friends: Maura Rivera and Rodrigo Diaz.

Despite the fact that this is a much more playful version, some viewers have assured that the animators are very "packed" and that they need to be released.

This was spoken about in social networks, where most dancers were criticized, as some pointed out that he lacked spontaneity.

On the other hand, there were a few who suggested that the best option would be to create the duo Leandro Martinez and Yamna Lobos.

Here are some reactions in the social network Twitter.

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