Monday , July 26 2021

Roger Waters in Lima: Sensory Tour with Rock Floyd's Rock

Everything goes through the eyes. That knows very well Roger Waters, who came with classic clothes, polo and black pants, into a wonderful time Monumental Stadium of Ate.

Huge screens that covered about 70 meters in length of the stadium field were perfectly amalgamated with them the rock of the British artist and band.

The concert started with "Breathe","One of these days"A"Time"Which ones were instrumental songs, He started waking up the thousands of councils.

Showing his eternal youth on stage, Roger Waters I walked the important step to greet the audience, raising my arm as if I were in the midst of a professional protest.

The song "Welcome to the machine"Was the first song sanctifying each other between Roger Waters and your audience. Both already started to connect for the forthcoming show.


There were 12 children wearing balaclavas and wearing in orange costumes, as if they were offenders, went into the stage to perform choreography, perhaps the most anticipated song of the night and night: "Other brick in the wall"

The subject was sanctified by the over 20,000 people gathered in the Monumental Stadium. The euphoria increased when the black polo children revealed with the inscription "Resistant"They had under the orange suit.

At the end of the ironic song on the huge screens, emotional messages appeared: "Resistant Mark Zuckerberg and censorship on the Internet, "" Resistant Trump to Bolton in the United States, "" Resistant Putin in Russia "," Resistant Bolsonaro in Brazil ", among others. So the first part of the concert came to an end.


After a short cut of 20 minutes, Roger Waters He returned to the platform because he still had a lot of unexpected saved for his Lima audience.

The British translator and band played the song "Dogs", For what animal masks were put on. Roger Water gave a pig face and raised two posters, one who said"Pigs control the world"And another with a strong message:"J …… Moch"

Immediately, the group continued with the theme "Moch", Who was dedicated to Donald Trump. The various stage screens showcase in images of the president of the United States.

In addition, there was a large balloon of hot air-shaped kiss flying over the entire Monumental Stadium, and holding a phrase after inscribed on it: "Be human"

At the end of the song, the screens released another unfortunate message: "Donald Trump is a pig"The public celebrated the appearance of this expression.


11 years were transferred so that Roger Waters returned to Lima and not known who will return soon. So, founder Pink Floyd He left an unforgettable memory to all the followers. When interpreting the song "Neither to us", the same name that took its journey, the laser lighting is predicted of the iconic triangle of Pink Floyd's band.

The closure of the concert with the theme "Comfortably Numb", for that Roger Waters He came down from the stage and shaved hands with followers in the front row. The British singer promises a memorable concert and you will try to achieve that.

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