Friday , July 30 2021

Splyce and Rivals will compete in the 2010 SMITE World Championship final today

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On November 16th, November World Championships were held live and directly from the US. Smite. Top competition of the popular MOBA game Hi-Rez Studios is home in the middle Dreamhack Atlanta And here is this 18th Sunday that the best two teams will have to face each other in the final fight for international glory.

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After a competitive format that brought the flame winners from North America and Europe to the qualifying and tournament for the best three games, it will now be both Splyce like Team Rival, who will reach the final battle in this classic between regions, has to argue a series until the five assaults.

From local time 03:00 PM and 5:00 PM (CL / AR) you can enjoy this famous series that will try to define the regional supernatural that will also give you a minimal cash anyone managing to raise the hammer's victory.

You can follow the final via an official Smite channel on the Mixer.

Editorial: Esports / Facebook / Twitter / Scope

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