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Television at the price of Chile and "SUV" vehicles to Miami, which are used here and now – 11/17/2018

Importer of a wide range car brand You need to sell about 70 units per month to avoid losing. This month, luckily, we'll be able to install 42.

One of the leading chains in Wales Equipment re-calculates prices in the last four months.

At the beginning of each period, try transfer part of the effect of the strong dollar increase (or 100%) so far this year. In the middle of the month, it must increase the bids to recover sales in the face of a broken market and it does not allow them to fade in the short-term when restoring the edges.

Just over a year ago, the Argentineans traveled to Chile to caravans to buy TV at the price between 40 and 50% cheaper than in Argentina. Now, the sellers say, that television is cheaper than there.

They sold them very well during the Russian Cup in Russia, but the stocks had been loaded and, with the current high interest rate, no player in the chain could sell sales without making discounts.

A branded automotive brand offers a model of SUV (Sports Utility Vehicles, they look like a SUV but, at the same time, they are citizens) price in dollars is very similar to Miami ($ 800,000)

The decrease in the value of the weight pressures on the purchase of salaries power, but at the same time, the prices dropped in many dollars use middle class away Now, too, we'll feel it "Impact of wealth" dollars holders feel after the rise of the currency.

The exchange rate trip in Argentina takes only six weeks, but next to the high rates, it presses on the companies to moderate prices in the way to sell and reduce stocks.

To that financial finishing we must add the political fact that suggests that the Government has successfully approved 2019 Budget with everything that he suggested in terms of negotiating and supporting the peronist governors (a ballot against a vote, as always).

Such is the discharge in Government and the satisfaction of living in the official offices that the Economy Minister in the middle of that microclimate came to express a most controversial and dangerous expression at a time last: "An adaptation of this size has never been made without the government fall".

It is true that Argentina's financial adjustment stories are never trying lower than all the basic deficit that comes from another that equates to 2.7% of GDP, but from that to dawn there is a big distance … and even less the idea of ​​falling government in the week where the Budget's achievement identified a step forward in governance.

After achieving some exchange rate stability (for many economists it was the best economic news and year) also opened the doors to the Government to move on with and bonuses $ 5,000 in two installments for the end of the year and the end of the bonus and bonus for the state.

The adjustment that stimulated the reduction in the value of the reduction and now highlights the shortage of pesos and high rates (which will go to a range of 50-55% per annum to February?) Should it give results? It is still reducing inflation that this year covers over 45% and overcomes the entire population.

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