Monday , September 20 2021

The Dragon Ball digital card game will come to the West for a PC and a switch

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At the end of December, it was expected that the game could reach the West, because only in Russia Japan you can play But the rumor has come true Bandai Namco he announced it already on their networks with a trailer that brings Dragon Ball heroes to our lands, in addition to a new character that would be no more or less than a thief to beat. There will also be a port for playback Pc by Steamwhich besides the victory for the platform after the loss Ubisoft As noted several days ago, it is very good for computer fans. As for the consoles Microsoft and Sony, this is still not the case.

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It will be 1160 m, 350 characters and will honor its name "The greatest dragonball game in history"In parallel, you will have the mode of creation, the error-free mode of the campaign and the multiplayer mode.


Version: Games / Facebook / Twitter / Coverage

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