Friday , September 17 2021

The fear of workers who lose their jobs reaches the highest level since 2013, the National

The study, conducted in the fourth quarter of last year, showed that the fear of workers who lose their jobs It has reached its highest point since 2013.

According to the latest edition of Workmonitor, conducted by RR consultant. HH Randstad 8.9% of workers The country reports that it is "very afraid" to lose 6 months' work, which is 3.7 percentage points more than just the previous quarter, and 2 percentage points more than a year ago, which is one of the highest ratings. that the research is done.

In this case, Chile occupies this place No. 9 among 34 countries in which the global rating of professionals is made, with greater concern that their employer will complete his contract during the next semester, moving back to 16 positions in relation to the previous quarter and exceeding the international average of 7.8%.

In this aspect the first place is India, from 19.2%; in the second position – Malaysia, with 12.8%; in the third place – Turkey, from 12.1%; the worst workers in Luxembourg and Japan, both from 3.5%; in Hungary – 4.7%; in Romania – 4.9%.

In connection with this Natalya Zuniga, director of marketing and communications at Randstad, argues that "these results will surprise us, because, despite the expected increase in the fear of loss of employment, due to some slowing down the labor market, the growth of unemployment as the growth of real rewards will continue at moderate pace, we did not expect to achieve this peak. "

"The current scenario is comparable only to that observed in the last years of 2010 and 2013, when the country reached 10% on this indicator, the scenario we have already seen from a distance due to the progress and progress made by Chile in labor issues and the introduction of new trends in the field of human resources, aimed at improving the quality of life and experience of workers ", – he added.

Job satisfaction

In parallel with this, the study shows that satisfaction of the Chileans with its current employer increased by 1 percentage point in relation to the same period of 2017, reaching 74% Workers are satisfied or very satisfied with their employment compared to 73% 12 months ago.

Above, representing the highest rate Thus, Chile currently ranked 12th in the world ranking of 34 countries, which means an increase of 3 places per year and 2 posts compared with the quarter just before the country received 72% of employees who are very comfortable with their current work.

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