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The next Pokémon Go event will focus on the Hohenne region

The next Pokémon Go event will focus on the Hohenne region

January 14, 2019 / Movie

Pokemon, such as Zigzagoon, Taillow and Breloom, will become the heroes of the new holiday game, which will begin on January 15th.

Niantic has decided to start the year Pokemon go with a new focus focused on the Hohenne region. Through its official site, developers reported that this event will take place between January 15 and 29 and will have some surprises for coaches.

First of all, Pokemon is the Hohenne region will be more often in the wild. In addition, in the case Shroomish if you make them evolve to bloom during the event, they will be reckoned Exclusive Grass Loop Motion.

From my side, Zigzagon and Tillow will be presented in their various forms and The legends from the legendary Pokémons of Chiogg and Grodon are in raids.

During the event, it will be much more likely that the third-generation Pokemon will hatch eggs at 7 kilometers and will also feature new field-based field studies of Pokemon's generation.

Finally, to help organize the celebration of the Hohen region, Niantyk will offer new elements for the avatar based on the Aqua team and the Magma team.

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