Friday , July 30 2021

UFC: Ponzinibbio is again shining and proud of announcing Argentina in Parque Roca

The evening had begun to ask for the effective local public thanks to a win Laureano Staropoli, who won by a Mexican decision Héctor Aldana After making an exciting record with the National Anthem playing in the background.

However, at the beginning of the alarmed card, and after the "Do not Believe So Important" of Free Ladies sounds at its entrance, the "Ninja "Guido Cannetti he could not face the Ecatic Marlon "Chito" True, who won by introducing in the second round after a group of blasts.


The main course arrived at 2.30 in the morning. La Renga's music killed the stadium and the platense made her appearance wrapped in the biggest cavern of the night.

He was his first round as a broad headquarters and he was very close to beat at the end, before Magny who stopped saving the bell.

The second showed more and more: very aggressive and dominated Argentine and American who appealed to defend himself near the fence and to try some back. However, the conflicts of heads cut down the left eye of Ponzinibbio and the complexity of the panorama, as it practically gives the best to look through that eye, because I'd post a fight.

The third served so that, to his repertoire of crevices and high assaults, Argentina added the low turning, and Magny quickly left tired, especially hitting his left leg. Despite this, the American continued to resist one after another contestant's attacks.

And in the fourth the end would come. The boats were happening together and Magny did not want to fight any more. But Ponzinibbio had a fine to devote well to her style. There was a huge halfway on the right when the assault was about to finish washing Magny, which fell dry to the floor and created Parc Roca.

"We were a reality, it was many years we got it, you deserve it, thank you for bringing me my support, you can not imagine how much & # 39 ; n meant to me ", the new winner of the octagon shouted to the four sides of the stadium.

Ponzinibbio (nowadays 10th among the welters) was the first in the history of this country to be part of UFC's main UFC evening card on November 9, 2013, when he fell by points against American Ryan LaFlare.

Currently, the "Rasta" is wearing a series of seven consecutive wins and continues to build up a merit to fight for the Welter belt, which is currently the American. Tyron Woodley. Is it your next opportunity?

It was a historic night for Argentina's sport and the dream that was made for the thousands of MMA fans. Perhaps this is the only episode of a story that promises to get much more in these lands.

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