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Weak contact with the Ministry of Health before the onset of hantavirus

Depending on this, they were limited to reporting on joint work between the nation and the province without indicating Rubinstein's position or when he would visit the conflict zone.

January 14, 2019

Having said that I will not go on vacation Epuyen, Chubut, for flash hantavirus which has already left 10 dead, the Minister of Health, Adolfo Rubinstein, has posted a statement to report on the work of its agency in this dramatic situation. Tomorrow he will go south, but not in the conflict zone, which he will leave for visiting in the coming days.

As distributed from the Secretariat, The nation and province of Chubut work together to analyze "samples of blood from isolated contacts for laboratory monitoring by the Malbana Institute" and to expand the guidance network for the care of patients with a diagnosis of hantavirus.

So far 10 people have died, 28 positive cases and 94 were in respiratory isolation for being in contact with the order to stop the spread of the virus transmitted when in contact with saliva, feces and urine of infected wild mice. In this particular case, in addition, the infection goes from person to person.

The Ministry of Health was eliminated by the 1st September 2018, added to social development and transformed into a Secretariat. Based on this dependence, they assured that "there is no vaccine or specific treatment, it may affect the function of the lung and heart due to inadequate immune response and as a result, in some cases, lead to death."

Therefore, they recommended that if a person who is in contact with possible hazardous substances, has a high temperature, vomiting, severe headaches and weakness of the body, should quickly consult a doctor.

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