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Dealing with the new rules and rituals of the Changsheng flag: 7 after the daily limit, the bottom of the salary is paid, the retail investors will be buryed after the end of the carnival _ illegal

Original title: Delisting new rules and sacrifices flag Changsheng: 7 after the daily limit, the bottom of the salary is paid.

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On Tuesday March 16, the Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen announced the operation of the main mandatory and mandatory mandatory measures for listed companies, and the amendment and improvement of the relevant rules and regulations. At the same time, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange launched a mandatory mandatory mechanism for the long-lived creatures, and the long-term organism was used as the first to "cut the knife".

4 large illegal delistings identified by the new regulations:

1. The initial list of fraudulent issuance;

2. Reorder listing fraud;

3, subtracting the annual report on avoiding fraud;

4. Other circumstances as specified by the Exchange.

Decisions that exist and operating procedures under the new rules:

1. Establish the listing committee decision making mechanism.

It is described that the Listing Committee will be based on the fact that the administrative penalty of the relevant administrative organ and the effective court judgment are based on whether the listed company's behavior seriously affects the listing status, which should be a major illegal, and make independent professional opinion and form an independent professional opinion. Review comments. All deadlines for relevant negotiation decisions, such as the time limit for the discussion of the Listing Committee, the issuance of remuneration notices, the introduction of defenses and hearings, and the decision to dissolve the market, all have been explained.

2. Put channels and medicines reasonable relief to the parties.

Mainly, they give the right to request hearings, written statements and defenses, request for a review, etc. for listed companies illegally illegally illegally protected their organizational protection rights legitimate, and protect the basic rights of the parties.

3. He explained the relevant links of a large illegal ban.

That is to say, to stop trading, risk warning, listing and complete listing listing, the period of one-month and six-month listing suspension, improving operating efficiency.

4. The separate reform scheme has also amended the conditions for reconfiguration.

The new rule will burn the fire to * ST Changsheng

* ST Changsheng announced on November 16 night, due to the unlawful behavior of Changchun Changsheng, that the company was at risk of being suspended or terminated. The trading company started on November 19 morning (Monday).

The four main issues of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange relate to the disposal of Changsheng as follows:

1. Production of vaccines contrary to laws and regulations;

On October 16, 2018, the main subsidiary of Changsheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Changsheng Biological or Company) was responsible for the production of vaccines for breach of laws and regulations, and was ordered by the Drug Administration & State to cancel the administrative license for drug production and punished. There is no money at 9.1 billion yuan.

2. Illegal acts involving "five main safety";

Large subsidiary companies of Changsheng Biotechnology have large illegal activities that include national security, public safety, ecological safety, production safety and public health and safety.

3. Breaking the second paragraph of Article 5 of the "Illegal Solicitors for Listed Listing of Companies" in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange ";

The listed company or its principal subsidiaries are revoked by law, and the main business business or production permit is abolished, or there are other circumstances where the legal qualification for production and continuous operation is lost.

4. Breach of the relevant provisions of Article 2 of the Measures for Implementation Re-Listing Companies Payable from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Revised in 2018);

Listed companies have illegal activities in the areas of national security, public safety, ecological safety, production safety, health and public safety, and the bad circumstances are seriously endangered by national interests, social public interests , or which seriously affects the listing status, and their stocks should be terminated. Situation.

In summary, the long-lived organisms have faced large illegal crimes of law, and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange has started a large illegal mechanism for Changsheng.

* Periodic period of 7 consecutive daily periods is monitored

On 5 November, resume trading Changsheng Biotech, which changed the short stock name of "ST Changsheng" to "* ST Changsheng".

At the same time as the proliferation of the long-lived biological vaccine, the valuation of the fund has also adapted. Currently, organizations including a number of fund companies, including CITIC Prudential Fund Co., have announced publications to adjust the net value of longevity organisms held by their funds to 0 yuan, investors who do not hold the shares will not have. Avoid losses.

However, it's worth noting, since November 8,*o

ST Changsheng started daily limitation, and for seven consecutive daily constraints, cumulative turnover exceeded 1.7 billion yuan, and the recovery rate has exceeded 40%.

It's reasoned that * ST Changsheng has already held the "replace" single ticket, but the dangerous notices announcement still fails to give the money the best to jump to & # 39; r fire pond.

According to Shenzhen Stock Exchange statistics, transactions * ST Changsheng recently during the continuous increase were predominantly individual investors, with a buyer share of more than 97% and a sales ratio of over 90%. Starting with large-scale hot money, small and medium-sized retail investors follow their suit, and the count with the highest transaction volume has a short catch time, with an average of 1 to 2 days.

Previously, on the 13th of November, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange spokesman nominated the occasion on the question of market concerns recently. * ST Changsheng, Hengli Industry: The features of the guess are obvious, and the key monitoring will be done!

Even if the regulatory authorities were reminiscent of the risk, there are * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * continues to remove two or three daily constraints, the speculation about awarding some money in the market is really ridiculous, In fact, it's certain that there is cancer.

Fortunately, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange started a mandatory mandatory mechanism for large offenses of long-term organisms. In the crater, there are 7 daily limits * ST longevity, the fate is obvious.

Nowadays, times have changed, the market environment has changed, the mind for regulation has also changed, and space for speculation in the A-sharing market will become less narrow the stump. For major crimes and fraudulent enterprises, they can withdraw from the market directly. This is a speculative fund for speculative funds used to guess ST stocks.Go back to Sohu and see more

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