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Guangsha doubled "no thought and unhappy" Zhe's media: they're both time bombs – News Qianjiang Evening – Hanfeng Net

2018-11-17 09:40:49 Source: Qianjiang Evening News

Last night, the games of the Guangsha men's basketball team were held last round. The final round of the game came to defer Guangsha men's basketball team. This time, the team away challenged the Tianjin men's basketball team. Guangsha established 16 points with a third wave donation. He won the lead, the 126: 106 final victory over Tianjin, two consecutive wins and streak lost five games to Tianjin. He also won the Chouzhou men's basketball team. However, although the Guangsha team won the game, there was also a secret danger.

Guangsha has no brain and no happiness. Zhe Media: Both are time bombs.

The Guangsha men's basketball team did not see any difficulties in this game. In the first round of the competition, Guangsha had a rest time of almost a week. Everyone's physical fitness was restored, but the state was relatively slow. Up to the third quarter, they got the initiative on the field.

Although not unexpectedly winning the game, Guangsha has had a very incredible trouble. The team's top scorer and assisting Wang Fordson also have a technical gap in this game, because the league rules have accumulated four technical fires, the game needs to be stopped automatically once,If Fordson is blown again for a technical gap in the next game, it will be stopped..

Fordson's technical shortage was not worth it. He was crewing for a technical booth after whistleblowing and the referee. In the previous game, Fordson was banned for one time due to the deed of the game's game. It was not only the Fordson problem but also having a huge impact on the Guangsha Men's Basketball team due to the technical counterfeit and even suspensions because they did not compete.

In order to make things worse, Fordson is not the only one who is likely to have a fever in the Guangsha group. The Bolosi foreign aid is also a person who likes to complain with the "break-up" player. This season, Bolosi also used Because in the second round of the home game against the Shenzhen men's basketball team, he got technical smoke and dirty break, sent it to the spot and & # 39 ; r place, is also stopped.

As a result, the Guangsha Men's Basketball team has been forced to play two games this season due to problems abroad. They have to play with one helpline overseas, and according to the game situation against Tianjin last night, it's likely that it will soon face the third dilemma.

Although both of the two single foreign support teams, Guangsha's men's basketball team finally win the win, but the lack of foreign support to sit on court, the impact on the team holds very much, adding a lot of difficulty to the game.

This season, Guangsha's men's basketball team did not change foreign support, and still use the combination of Bolosi and Fordson, because they and other team players have already collaborated with each other, Especially Fordson has not only been able to score strong, but also its development and support. Other regenerated domestic players and the whole team are too big.

The league has passed 12 round so far, and Guangsha's men's basketball team has lost one game only, a second place for the winning winner of the Guangdong men's basketball team. The strength of Guangsha's men's basketball team can be seen as strong. If there is any weakness in the Guangsha men's basketball team this year, it should be a complex of two foreign aid. Some supporters have already given a crown to both foreign aid.No thought and no happiness

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