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Menacingly! Real Madrid was almost different from the newly appointed Kurtova, who took the lead introspection _ Huesca

Original name: ugly! Real Madrid was almost perfect for a newly-appointed team. Kurtova took the lead introspection.

A real Madrid match with the leader of the deputy squad of Hueski, the long-awaited victory became a lucky who scored 3 points. Real Madrid was the first time in the past 108 years to participate in the recently-launched La Liga horses, and three Champions League champions in the Champions League have long mixed themselves in West B.

Goal Bell in the first half gave Wesec to change his strategy in advance. Initially, this new horse considered the formation of 532 to use a maneuver of the iron barrel at home so Real Madrid could not break through the door, and then the team gradually lost patience in the galaxy's battleship. Counterattack to break the door. However, Real Madrid is actually self-defeating after reaching the goal, which makes people really do not understand it.

In the second half, Hesca strengthened the attack, and the front doors of the "Real" were in danger. If it were not Kurtova's high resistance, Heska could equalize the score at home and even beat Real Madrid. Huska scored 11 strokes in the game, 6 more than Real Madrid, who scored 5 times. Though the overall force of Real is stronger than its opponents, the success rate of the Galaxy warships is only 81%, while Huesca lags behind, but it has not reached a discrepancy. The success rate of this lysis horses is increased by 74%. In addition, the game of ownership is between 46% and 54%. The Real Madrid game is only in absolute superiority to the account, while other leading figures of the data are bubbles.

Regardless of whether Lope Tedzi or Solari is coaching, Real Madrid is hard to play as a one-sided player unbridled this season, but after playing a leading role such as a league against Valencia, or Under a long attack, failed to break through the door, and in Ultimately, the opponent was a love, for example, a league against Araves.

If Heska does not spend his chance before the door, then it is likely that 2-1 will win today's evening. Last season, Real Madrid faced La Liga for the first time in 83 years, and Girona lost in a goal-scoring game, but Zidane led the team to lose the factor, the winner The catastrophic team is considered to be effective, Real Madrid Lost money But it's hard to lose today – Huesca. This club, founded in 1910, has a 108-year history of teams and can conquer victory. In the first match with Real Madrid Real Madrid, he scored 3 points.

After the game, Real Madrid scored 26 points for Araves and returned to the top 4 in La Liga, and only 28 points from Atletico Madrid and Sevilla with 28 points. After Solari became Real Madrid coach, the team won the first nine games and won only one game in eight games. Over the past 10 years, the opening of a new coach is a match between Pellegrini and Juan de Ramos, who has been trained by three best trainer for the last 10 years.

But do not forget about the end of Pellegrini and Juan de Ramos. In the 2008-2009 season, Juan de Ramos led the team in the 1/8 Finals 0-5, drawn by Liverpool, the league was very watchful for Barcelona to the home of the Derby. After the 2-6 wins, the team completely collapsed. And Pelgren forced Real Madrid to stop in the final of 1/8, when it was eliminated by Lyon, and the latter eventually lost to Barcelona.

Training Solari seems to have stopped increasing the number of problems detected, but only in the good-quality direction of Kurtova, the Belgian goalkeeper did not lose in three consecutive official matches. After losing Eval in the league 0-3, Kurtova did not lose his place in the Champions League against Rome and the league against Valencia and Huesca, and the last two rounds of the league made a key savings. In this game, he also had a lot of words about his second team in the second half of the performance: "We did not do anything in the second half. It is very uncomfortable to lose the ball."

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