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Russian film crew from space is scheduled to take off on October 5 and stay on the space station for 12 days-Research-cnBeta.COM

News from September 17,Russian director and actor Klim Shipenko announced on Thursday that a Russian film crew of two astronauts and two film professionals will be launched on October 5 at the International Space Station (ISS) to make the first space film.


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The film is called “Challenge” and is a joint project of the Russian space agency “Roscosmos”, the TV channel “First Channel” and the film studio “Yellow, Black and White”. According to the plan, four people will deliver the Russian spacecraft Soyuz to the space station on October 5, while in Earth orbit at an altitude of about 354 kilometers for 12 days.

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Speaking at a news conference before the crew went to the Baikonur launch pad in Kazakhstan, Spenko said: “This film is about ordinary people. A doctor who has nothing to do with space exploration has been invited to the International Space Station. Participation in saving an astronaut’s life In other words, it must do what it wants to do on Earth, in an unsuitable environment. “

The first part of the film will show how the heroine, played by actress Julia Peresild, is training before the flight, and the second part will tell about her mission to save the astronauts. Spenko added: “Studying the concept of this project, I believe that this film should be a film that everyone can understand and resonate with, especially for those of us who have never been in space.”

Peresilder said that she learned to assemble and design clothes on her own. She said: “It’s different from making movies on earth, but we’ll do our best. We’re ready. Now I feel afraid it’s too late because we’ve come so far and the front is Baikonur. There’s still a lot to do. Honestly saying, I have no time to be afraid. “

Spenko has a height of about 1.9 meters, which makes him feel uncomfortable while studying on a spaceship and future trips. But he said conditions would improve in the future. He added: “Now it can only be so, but when we filmed the sequel about the trip to Mars, they promised to provide better conditions.”

The film will also feature two professional astronauts. The commander of this flight, Anton Shkaplerov, said: “I will not act in this film, but I still need to figure out how to make a film in an unusual place, such as space.”

Shkaprof noted that Spenko and Peresilder are expected to use 10 days of their 12-day stay on the International Space Station to shoot the film. According to him, filming on the International Space Station is not something new, they have already become a place of filming. The astronauts have taken many pictures of their lives in orbit, but so far mostly documentaries, and this will be the first experience of filming.

Shkaprov also said: “The uniqueness of this flight is that the crew will include two people who are not professional astronauts for the first time. Therefore, as the commander of the” Union “, I, of course, have to face more tasks, because we do not have “Professional. Onboard engineers. However, Spenko and Peresilder have been trained enough to do more than their own work, but they have to help me steer the spacecraft.”

Just a few weeks before the launch of the Union, the first non-professional team of astronauts, made up of ordinary people, took off on rockets and spacecraft developed by SpaceX. States. Elements. Last year, NASA first announced Hollywood movie star Tom Cruise about a plan to shoot the film on the space station, and later the Russian Space Agency announced its ambitions to make a space film. It is unclear when NASA plans to begin filming in space.

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