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The sudden rotation of Hiddink is an initial success, the final round of the Olympic Games and the Mexican title _ Jiang Shenglong

Original title: Hiddink's sharp success in the initial rotation

In the Chongqing Country Country Tournament tonight, the 21st National Football Team brings the Iceland U21 team. In this game, the Hiddink main coach had made a large-scale rotation of the starting line.

Rotate line, members and inspection team

When compared to the line when defeating a U21 team in Thailand, the game coach, Hiddink, made a major rotation for the start line, replacing up to 10 players. The last game was Tong Lei's defense line only. Members of the initial team, and Liu Ruovan who scored the goal in the game, did not go to the big list. This is linked to the siting of the Hiddink team at this stage. It will set this step to look at the step of selecting players. Through this four-country tournament and training next month in Thailand, the team's great framework will be delineated. Create a team.

It's worth noting that Hiddink has also sent an U19 player jumping to the team. She's Jiang Shenglong from Shenhua. Jiang Shenglong entered the first Shenhua team during the interim period of the 2018 season. In the final of the game between Shenhua and Luneng, Jiang Shenglong debuted, which is his first first Chinese Premier League. Hiddink is Jiang Shenglong who is high in the Asian Youth Championship. Jiang Shenglong is high, but his feet are more flexible and his footwork is not bad.

In the game, Jiang Shenglong still showed some of his / her own features, such as a strong heading capability. The U21 national football goal came from the Jiang Shenglong ferry. At the same time, Jiang Shenglong has temporarily launched a rapid anti-traffic through the long-term search for team members in the middle and front field. The time to enter national 21 is perhaps a long time, and the co-operation with the teammate is not tacit, so the success rate of the transition This medium is low. Only once in the second half, I found my team friends correctly and formed a threatening blow. Of course, in the face of the strong Icelandic players, Jiang Shenglong, who jumped to the team, highlighted the weakness of weak physical resistance. It should be said that Jiang Shenglong is a potential player, but he still needs to polish his experience.

Hiddink focus on Iceland, an emphasis on strengthening midfield control

Iceland and a former 21 national football competitor are two very different football styles. Thailand is flexible at the foot, and Iceland is strong, so for this opponent, Hiddink repeatedly asked the players before the game to strengthen the control of the middle field. It should be said that the 21st national football team firmly controls the midfield in the first half and also masters the enterprise of the whole game.

In the 18th minute, a national football team 21 went up a corner kick. Xu Tianqi sent the penalty to the front, but the assault failed to be a threat, but the ball was still at the foot of a national football 21. Wu Wei left the ball to the fore and Icelandic keeper attacked. Failure to touch the ball, Jiang Sheng's faucet ball ferry, Yin Congyao jumped to force Berger Johansson close to the top of the door, football 21 scored 1: 0 lead.

In the second half, Iceland U21 team made a replacement adjustment. They use side by side to launch an attack on the national football team 21 and achieved good results. After the U21 national football team made adjustments, they were confused slightly on the formation and gave the opponent opportunities. In the 60 minutes, Friedrich Songs shot the center's column at the forefront of the limited area. The ball was drilled into the net on the goalkeeper Guo Quanbo, and the two sides finally took 1: 1 hands.

After the two rounds of competition, the U21 1 national football team was unchanged and unfortunate. On the 19th of November, they will face team 21, the strongest opponent of the four countries. The U21 team in Mexico is currently winning 2 games. Iceland 2-0 defeated the first round, and the second round defeated Thailand 6-0. If the U21 national football team defeats Mexico's U21 team, then the four country champion is won.

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