Monday , June 14 2021

Alleged act of school pollution in Villa de Leyva

The mayor is accused of making unlawful payments to parents about school transport.

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During the anti-pollution hearing & Pockets of glass & # 39; held in it Villa de Leyva, Boyacá, alleged inconsistencies were reported in the collection of school transport.

The allegations were made against the Mayor of the borough, Víctor Hugo Forero Sánchez, because it is likely to charge the school transport service, when it should be free, with a budget of more than 130 million pesos.

One of the statements that were submitted to Prosecutor it was part of it José Sierra, Veedor or Vila de Leyva, "We designate a contract that was given to help children move from the side to the educational centers; As a strange and suspicious thing to the mothers of the family's head, they were accused of transport. "

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Other community leader, Dora Castellanos González, "I had an grandson studying in the village of Capilla who told me he had to pay 40,000 pesos a month and fill in the form and if that did not, they did not transport it. "

In addition, Castellanos added that the buses, as well as being in decline and that do not comply with security measures, also transport workers and people in a redirect condition. "Children do not go alone, they stand up, open to any situation when the borough pays back."

The mayor, for his part, in an interview with RCN Radio, was declared before the witnesses of the truths and denied. "I learned about the complaints at the Office of the Prosecutor and those presented before the Office of Attorney General, the Messrs José Sierra and Dora Castellanos, for school transport, but referring to that matter, we charged parents ".

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One of the arguments was two signed contracts Universal Express, an entity contracted at the beginning of the year to implement the school transport service, which would have been funded by 206 million 457,000 532 pesos.

However, this would not be the only cause of school pollution. The same situation has already been presented in the 12 lonts that form the borough.

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Departmental Director of the Prosecutor's Offices Boyacá, Javier Díaz Villabona, referring to what happened with former mayor of the Sotaquirá borough, Luis Felipe Higuera, "There was a case in Boyacá, where a mayor was released, just because of the same criminal line that is said here".

Similarly, he said that the corresponding investigation on the case would be launched.

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