Friday , July 30 2021

Batteries! 12 tips to prevent obesity in your children

End of year breaks constitute rest, good food and even recreation; The Christmas season is the longest school break where thousands of children get more free time, including unhealthy activities such as television, tablets, cell phones and video games.

Poor physical activity and eating too much food (especially those that are rich in fat and sugars) are the causes of obesity among children; A condition that means a reduction in life expectancy at least 7 years, because the accumulation of a fat body promotes the development of heart disease, high blood pressure and other metabolic disorders such as diabetes.

The NEW EPS creates a series of tips so that parents and children themselves are professionals of healthy habits and prevents them from preventing obesity among children:

1. When making a market, remember that you decide what you will eat at home and in what size.

2. Include more fruit and vegetables and less fat and sugar products. Use your children because they are small, to take fruit juice or yogurt for pudding instead of sweets.

3. Do not fill in the wardrobe with cakes, chocolates, cookies, candy, chips, sodas and anything that offers some nutrients and lots of calories.

4. It is important that breakfast is enough and complete. And you have to distribute meals through the day (four or five days).

5. In the snack, choose fruit, milk or snacks, rather than an industrial candy.

6. It is not convenient to ban certain foods, such as sweets, because they only measure them, they are not harmful and can never eat them ever create anxiety in the children and reject other foods.

7. Of course, the use of soft sugar drinks should be limited, especially during meals, as well as fatigue, the child is temporarily deleted and the child gives a # 39 ; r best to eat healthy foods.

8. Always always eat as a family, and with it you will have the possibility of monitoring what the child eats and in the process of knowing their children's activities.

9. When you eat out, you have to choose restaurants that serve healthy and nutritious foods, instead of fast foods. Never use food as a reward or penalty.

10. It's convenient to practice everyday, even if it's just a long walk. If parents have a healthy lifestyle, that child will also have.

11. Since childhood, use them to play outside and stay active, reduce TV hours, video games and other sedentary activities.

12. Encourage him to be interested in practicing some sport, in a group or individual. Certainly there is someone who likes it and can do it as an extra-curricular activity, or at weekends.

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