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Flora Martínez: two years in Frida shoes – Art and Theater – Culture

Flora Martinez remembers arriving at New York when he was 20 years old and lived for five years, becoming an interpreter in schools such as the Winning Handmade and the Wynn Handman studio. The actor, born in Canada, has had the responsibility and pleasure to return to this American city with the free Frida movie, presented There last year and it has just finished another season at the Queen's Theater.

"For me, here is the highest I've done in my career, To accept in this city theatrical recognition is something incredible. New York was also a trigger for Frida, that's what she did internationally, explains Martinez about this show, which has also been in Canada and Miami and will be presented again in Bogotá on December 7 and 8 at the ABC Theater.

The production explores the life of Frida Kahlo, a basic reference in the 20th century Mexican painting, also close to the tragic events that marked his life.

Martinez says, for example, It was in New York where he had the suggestion to translate the work to English. Here's how, with the help of her husband, José Reinoso, he created a version in that language.

"We found that the work was incredible in English, it works the same as in Spanish, and apart from that, English is me the dramatic language for excellence. It's not a literal translation, it's all Time is changing to be understood and, obviously, not with the Canadian accent, but with thinner, one Mexican, "explains the actor.

Also, In that city he also received the suggestion to create a album with the songs that he played. So Flores for Frida, which have even been given some themes of the translated work to English and others in a bilingual format – such as La llonaona & # 39 ;, impossible to translate -.

For me, here's the best thing I have to do in my career, to accept in this city theatrical recognition is something incredible

"I found that format of the 40 songs of the 40 songs bilingually is my niche in music. On November 30, we're launching another one that Taste me & # 39; ", Martinez said, who fits on the stage by a band that plays jazz to typical Mexican songs.

Since those first seasons at the Bellas Artes and Colon theaters in Bogotá, Martínez says that the staging has had several changes. For example, at the address, the first baton was Jimmy Rangel and now he's Martinez himself. Y In the first national tour, that change meant several adjustments: the musical bet grew and more songs were included.

In addition, the international seasons also demanded changes in the staging and installation plan. For Martinez, those details have made the assembly grow.

"Being two years with Frida has been incredible what I have enabled to deepen it, because before he just wrote it, though it worked beautifully, but now, as an actress, I've grown great and the songs too", Explain the actor.

In addition to both presentations in Bogota, Martinez said he was in talks to introduce the piece again in New York, although this time in Manhattan, and even taken to Mexico, land of the Immortal frida.

"The Mexican director refused to love the work and wants to take it, but in a special way. They are fine, bringing Frida free & # 39; to Mexico is nothing; We could have introduced it in a number of theaters, but we have expected it to be in a very responsible way, "the actor ends.

Where and when

Functions in Bogotá: 7 December and 8, 7 p. m. ABC Theater. Street No. 17-22. Votes from 65,000 to 85,000 pesos.

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