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Hermann Yefromovich offered to buy 30% of Alitalia shares


A Colombian businessman, majority shareholder Avianca, has offered to buy 30% of the Alitalia airline. According to the first calculations, this would be an operation of at least 240 million euros.

According to what Herman Yefromovich told Il Sole 24 Ore, a businessman wants to take part in the management and restructuring of the airline.Alitalia

Efromovich, who until May was the chairman of the board of directors of Avianca Holdings and who was released, assures that this is a personal offer he has already sent to the Italian public company Ferrovie dello Stato, responsible for the preparation of the strategic plan last year,

The Colombian businessman adds in an interview to the Italian financial newspaper that his intention is to "take part in the management and restructuring of the airline."

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"I should have been the CEO, at least initially, I'm not looking for a way to spend 200 million euros, I think that changes can be made in just six months," he added.
Colombian businessman Hermann Efronovich, majority shareholder of Avianca, has offered to buy 30% of the Alitalia airline in insolvency management from May 2017, according to an interview with the newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore.

The newspaper explained that 30% of Alitalia's shares would mean issuing at least 240 million euros.

Efromovich was dismissed from the board of the Airline for not having paid a loan of $ 456 million, but said in an interview that he had to pay seven years.

"Il Sole 24 Ore" told him that he had the money to make an investment in Alitalia without having to require a bank loan.

He noted that he bought Avianca when he was bankrupt in 2004 and made it the second-largest airline in Latin America with 189 aircraft, 22,000 workers and a turnover of more than 350 to 4,500 million.

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Sources close to the talks already explained in April to Efe that Delta Air Lines will be ready to enter 15% of Alitalia's capital, while Ferrovie is committed to staying with 30% and also an Italian businessman interested. President of the football club Lazio, Claudio Lotito.

The German airline Lufthansa and the British cheap airline easyJet first showed interest in acquiring some of Alitalia's assets, but came out of negotiations because the Italian government's proposal did not convince them.

Alitalia also has to repay a loan of EUR 900 million provided by the former executive power of the Democratic Party to ensure its functioning – a loan that the European Commission (EC) investigates if it is illegal state aid and whether it complies with European standards in support of companies in a difficult situation .

The Italian government has agreed to extend until July 15 the deadline for submitting a viability plan with new shareholders, which Alitalia may refuse.

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