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Hydroituango S.A. says that it will not recognize the extra costs of EPM at work

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The board of directors confirms that the company that owns the project to take the costs made by EPM to accelerate the work and be able to introduce them in November has not been given a guarantee to the company. this year, but that did not happen because of the crisis that broke out in the built-in hydroelectric plants.

Landfill of the work came into effect on last 4 November. EPM courtesy.

The board of directors of Hidroituango S.A said. which will not recognize the costs of the acceleration scheme operated by Empresas Públicas de Medellín in the Ituango hydroelectric project in northern Antioquia.

This plan included a series of actions agreed by EPM and the construction contractor (CCC Ituango consortium) in 2015 to accelerate the implementation and operation of the work and be able to finish it before November 28 this year.

According to the board, the plan added costs of $ 370,000 million, together with £ 70,000 million of premium success, which would be paid to the consortium if deadlines were met.

"If the work was to be completed between November 29, 2018 and August 28, 2019, a down payment would be generated from $ 70,000 million to $ 0," explained Conconcreto, a member of the consortium, statement in last September.

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The board of directors confirmed that, in November 2015, when the EPM requested approval to Hidroituango SA to take the additional costs, the warranty was not granted. He insisted again in December the same year, when, according to the board, the authority "Hidroituango manager, before the contractual validations and framed in the BOOMT contract risk matrix (construction contract), were authorized to incorporate costs project investment ". However, at the recent meeting of November 15, 2018, said the Hydroituango manager "has not yet signed or approved any additional cost of the Project with EPM," he said.

EPM, although it has not yet stated on the board announcement that will not recognize the costs of the acceleration plan, explaining that complications in the acquisition of land, public order problems were among the reasons for the delays and the enforcement of a acceleration plan. , among others.

The changes that took place in the initial work plan included the erection of a third diversion tunnel, a system that, however, had fallen at the end of April and exposed the reserves that the country knows. The crisis was forced to drive the machine – a situation that continues until today – to avoid flooding the dam.

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