Monday , July 26 2021

Video: They are launching a rocket with essential supplies and ice cream?

Russia.- Ship with supplies for the International Space Station went away Saturday from Virginia, the second load to the orbit lab in two days.

Northrop Grumman launched it rocket Antares of Wallops Island before the lovely morning of early bird observers on the Atlantic coast. Ship of Russian agency agency, also with materials, has left the ISS just 15 hours ago.

The US consignment will reach the space lab on Monday, one day after the Russian. Among the 7,400 pounds traveling on the table of the Cygnus capsule, fresh ice cream and fruit for ISS residents and a 3D converter and plastic printer have recycled to new parts .

Illustrated image. Photo: EFE

Turkey dishes for the Thanksgiving Lunch _rehydratables, of course _ are already in the station, where American, German and Russian are currently living.

The lab also prepares for another celebration: on Tuesday he is celebrating his 20th birthday in an orbit.

The first section came to an end on November 20, 1998 from Kazakhstan.

This Cygnus capsule was named John Young in honor of the musical astronau that stepped on the moon and ordered the first flight of space shuttle, which died last January.

Illustrated image. Photo: EFE

This is the first commercial capsule named Northrop Grumman. The company purchased Orbital ATK in June. SpaceX is another NASA provider for sending materials to the ISS.

The ship also carries out experiments to observe how the cement strengthens without gravity pressure, among other things. There are also medical equipment, space suits and other items that will replace those who did not arrive last month after a failure in the Russian rocket where they traveled.

The two astronauts who were on board Soyuz survived after an emergency landing. Three other astronauts are left to leave Kazakhstan on December 3.

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