Monday , June 14 2021

Central Moravian Hospital Hospital joins European Antibiotic Day – Přerov

The 18th of November is published annually as the European Antibiotic Day, which is largely reminiscent to reflect the unauthorized and rejected use of antibiotics. The Central Moravian Hospital with hospitals in Prostějov, Přerov and Šternberk adds to this event symbolically and offers those interested in education.

Photo: Prerov Hospital

The European Antibiotic Day initiative is organized by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control and is supported by the World Health Organization. It's an initiative that aims to lay and professional publishers and aims to raise awareness of the correct use of antibiotics, as well as the bacteria caused by bacteria which is resistant to many antibiotic groups. Antibiotic collision in many cases compromises public health, as many tens of thousands of Europeans die annually as a result of infections with resistant bacterial strains.

"Antibiotics play a very important role in treating infectious diseases, unfortunately antibiotic resistance (resistance) of bacteria or even their ability to survive in the presence of antibiotics has become a scary problem of international importance in recent years. Antibiotics are very responsible, and this is the issue that highlights Europe, which is already globally, "said the chief healthcare professional of the microbiology of Prostějov OLM Ivana Kohnová.

"The general public reminder is important, but also healthcare professionals, the need for a responsible method of antibiotics, because by using antibiotics properly, we can stop the increasing types of dangerous resistance and help it maintain effective drugs for future generations, it's unnecessary, the bacterial agents of the infections gradually resist them and the antibiotics become ineffective, "said Ivana Kohn, MD, with the fact that patients often ask for antibiotics are not diagnosed. there are cases of direct and open co-operation between doctor and patients, as well as raising awareness of all the risks associated with antibiotic misuse, "Kohnová ends, adding that, in connection with & # 39; r European antibiotic day Central Moravian Hospital hospitals will be available to all interested in antibiotics.

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