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Compromises: Samsung Galaxy A50 as a four-year-old star


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Fot from vs Samsung Galaxy S6 in 2015 is born? We also believe that the photos are not discarded. On the other hand, photomobiles have made tremendous progress since then, and dnen pika has been offering users much better than a four-year model.

But his power today, in fact, is rich enough to push himself into the middle of the mobile. At least, the DxO Mark test was the latest model of the Samsung Galaxy A50, and the new phone received 83 points. So, not only the four-year Galaxy S6.

The average range is similar to the star, featuring models that are close to the A50: you need iPhone 7 with 85 points or you do not get LG G7 ThinQ (83) high-end models on LG V30 (82), Nokia 8 Sirocco (84) and Sony Xperia XZ Premium (83).

Model A50, in particular, has moved towards starmy brothers and sisters from the middle, the Galaxy A8 (2018) scored 79 points. On the other hand, he lags behind his sister brother Galaxy A9 (86 points). And for the sake of interest: the first Google Pixel in 2016 struck 90 points and now appears top models from Huawei m 112 point.

This shows that current mid-sized photo-mobile phones are quite big losses. On the other hand, the quality is very good, because we switched to water, do not think that today the photo frame S6 edge belongs to the old iron. We just have the feeling that in the middle of the day, manufacturers can only offer something in terms of photographic furnaces. But this is actually only Google Pixel 3A, its photo tonon with Pixel 3 (m 101 points). No one in the middle of the day ever sought such a thing.

It should be noted that the Galaxy A50, of course, is a trump card, you are compared to the edge of the S6, m. For you only in focus: 25 megapixels, 8 megapixels of irokoh and then there is a ptimegapixel depth sensor field. This edge S6 should come from estnimimapixel ip and some light optics (f / 1.9 vs. f / 1.7 for A50). The service point out that irokohl ips in the DxO Mark rating do not play a role, and in this case, a little bit is rated to the new model.

When we deceive the details, we find that the A50 is in the lead zone. He scored only 85 points per picture, the average for the video, Samsung received only 79 points. This is the S6 edge of the m 81 and 83 points, so the video is the opposite of thr mrn vzhup.

Regarding individual disciplines, the A50 against the sticky model of the pike is nskok tm vem. Lpe is in the forefront of exposure, automatic jab, artifact, flash and of course specialized ip and bokeh effect. Almost amazing patterns of colors and textures of the image and the star model can be a bit surprising at the top of the art, and therefore scaling in both cases, but only digital, is a boat that is probably from the smallest volume and the whole bird. many parts.

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