Tuesday , June 15 2021

Facebook traced the data of more than half a billion users, the R problem was 1.3 million people

Facebook, applications, smartphone, mobile phone

Facebook, applications, smartphone, mobile phone
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There is a freely available database on the Internet containing the personal data of about 533 million Facebook users, of which about 1.3 million are from R. Given that Facebook has 2.8 billion users worldwide and more than five million in R , we are talking about piblin twenty percent of users.

The roots of the current niche go back to 2019, when Facebook corrected a mistake, here you could call Facebook. Then the hitherto unknown author wrote a program that automatically scanned the available data about Facebook users and added the published data to the identity card (which is public) and telephone service (found in error) – name, status, city, date of birth, e-mail address mail and gave.

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