Friday , July 30 2021

News in the photovoltaic house – the trend is a zen battery and dining

The electric collection, zen consumables, monitors or virtuln batteries are also available to the user. New technology improves significantly the photovoltaic housing economy.


The owner of the family houses can not be satisfied with salt water. With the falling price of technology – the main accumulation – now it's also the availability of electricity to eat itself. Although the price of a home battery system has been around hundreds of thousands of crowns, now it's still up to a hundred. At the top with batteries, people can get subsidized and 155 tonnes of crowns of the new greenbuster program.

"Saving electricity to the battery and lifting energy for the whole of the future. Along with technological development, busy costs and increasing levels of environmental protection, the number of battery systems will grow, not just chronicles on large scale, but also men's versions for homes or men's businesses, " Jan Fousek, Executive Director of the AKU-BAT CZ Accreditation Association.

Power hybrid and all-in-one

One of the existing trends is the recording of hybrid solar energy housing with energy storage. Such electricity supplies electricity to the home, which then removes electricity from the supplier if the sun and the discharger will not be released at the same time . Since installing the power of the sun, I can stop its relative technological continuity. For solder panels, they need to install chiners, their electronic charger and me. Therefore, the distribution of home hybrid solar electronics could be "all-in-one", it is easy to install all the necessary technology in an easy to install. It also raises the forefront for the great boots and those who start.
Accidents in the house may not be very and very expensive. "According to the companies inspected, around 95% of the use of families includes up to 1 kW and only 5% of the energy consumption is more than a This electric hybrid solar wells are covered by distribution distribution and are therefore not used as a major accumulation as in a specific operation of an island, " describes the use of the solar power plants known as Kowl Murtinger of Ekowatt.

Batri Virtuln

Suitable battery cars are also suitable for the battery. This makes it difficult to make the electric power generated in these virtues in the supplier, so the same amount of energy can be removed free of charge here. "Usually the day when people at home or photovoltaic systems do not have much more energy, not enough space to use. Thanks to the Virtuln battery, the client uses energy 100 % of cars, increase the electricity dispute, and accelerate the return to the solar system, " Lubo Vrbata or E.ON Energie, who offers this service on the market.

Power tracking and zen use

From the economics perspective of the operation of the solar power house, it is appropriate to reduce or reduce the friction to the st. As well as accumulation, they can also help with systems for using a zen of electricity in the house. In such a case, an active power switch, such as a water heater or air conditioning, will be used to meet the user's requirements and therefore the electric power in the solar panels. This unit can also be used if there is a high and low tariff. "The most powerful use of our own energy is very much for the economy of the house, however, Prozatm is a system of pathways with uncertainty reversal. Virtuln's battery, on the other hand, employs the energy generated by solar panels to be used at any time, not the momentum, " describes Lubo Vrbata from E.ON. "The user also has a smart application that makes it easy and easy to see how it works and how to use it. The solar electronics owner really values, " close Vrbata.

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