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Next week it's very cool. And it's starting snow – News.cz

"We expect the period from November 19 to December 16 2018 to be warm in our territory as a whole," said meteorologists.

They recalled, after very hot weather in the first half of November, began cooling in the middle of the month, and this trend will continue in the following period. "However, we do not expect weekly temperature averages to dispose of normal values ​​for a specific year," said meteorologists.

"Over the next four weeks, it seems that the first week (19-25 November) and the last week (10-16 December) is the smallest," he said.

The snow will be in the next few days

We should also look for snow in the coming weeks. "In terms of the total deposition, it is assumed that the period 19.11 – 16.12.2018 will be equal. Due to the overall reduction in temperatures, it is expected that rainfall and snowfalls, especially in the mountains," said meteorologists.

"In the lower jobs, it will continue to snow only over the next few days. We expect the lowest rainfall over the entire period during the third week preview (3rd – December 9)," the meteorologists came collection.

The average temperature in the Czech Republic between 19 November and 16 December 1981 to 2010 was 0.8 ° C, which is the average rainfall of 41 millimeters. Average values ​​are valid for the whole Czech Republic up to a height of 600 meters.

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