Friday , April 16 2021

Predators Zdeněk Hřib is the mayor of Prague, the opposition has not been supported – CT24 – Czech TV

"I believe that a new communication style with opposition and citizen will be established," said the newly elected Mayor Hřib. He added that he intended to include the IT and opposition representatives at work.

In addition to the Mayor's duties, Hreb wants to focus on IT and strive to significantly reduce the city's information costs. Another important issue for the mayor is the problem of a smart city, the "smart" city control with the use of modern technology.

YES tried to share the coalition, Pospíšil suggested

Moving YO proposed the position of Mayor Jiří Pospíšil (TOP 09 / United Force). The chairman of TOP 09 and the ASE, according to Patrick Nacher, head of an ANO club, has done better work than Hibb, which opposes the lack of political experience. He failed to accept the nomination and said he was supporting the new Mayor. "Successful Hrebel is equal to Prague," said Pospíšil.

YOI and former Finance Minister Ivan Pilny also represented unsuccessful city leaders voting in secret elections. Representatives of the ODS voted against the Hreben election, YES abstinence.

Also, Hlava and Marvan DO supported

He also elected the deputies of four deputy councilors. The architect Petr Hlaváček and Deputy Environment and Infrastructure Officer Petr Hlubuček (STAN) became the first deputy responsible for territorial development. For Prague, he was appointed Deputy Minister of Finance Pavel Vyhnánek, and Adam Scheinherr will be responsible for the transportation in the metropolis as another deputy. The only deputy, supported by a part of the opposition, was Hlaváček, who voted YES representatives.

Jan Chabr (TOP 09) and Hana Marvanová (STAN) will be responsible for the Legislation. Adam Zabransky (Pirates) will be responsible for houses and an open town hall, and another Pirate Vít Šimral will be taught, sports and recreation. Hana Třeštíková will take care of Prague for culture and social issues along with healthcare, Milena John. He supported the IEUENG Marvan movement, and no opposition arose to the other councilors.

Prague's leader, Jan Čižinský, not even busy on board. Both will be chairs of their party embassies and movements. Pospíšil said that, rather than leaving the council, they would prefer to leave the people with specialist knowledge and that they would be politically responsible as co-chairs of clubs and embassies.

Udženija: Prague itself is a "grouped grouping"

ODS club chairman, Alexand Udjenij, a coalition party criticized that they had not heard their calls for the election after the election, which rejected the coalition representatives. He described himself as a "cluttered cluster". His leader Čižinský said he was dishonest when he left KDU-ČSL before the elections that set up his own movement. The ODS lost confidence in TOP 09 and STAN, which considered its natural political partners.

Nacher noted among other things, although the Pirates demand the end of consolidation of functions, Councilor Petr Hlubucek (STAN / United Force) acts as mayor of Lysolaj and Hana Třeštíková (Prague) as a mayor Prague. 7. The hierarchy commented on the role of all that councilors are waiting to work for Prague full time and they will welcome if councilors of their other functions surrender.

Elections were won in Prague by ODS with 14 seats. The party should occupy a seats payable Chair of the Audit Committee. The second, third and fourth place came to an end with the same number of 13 representatives of Pirates, Prague himself and United United for Prague. The Youth Youth movement has 12 representatives.

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