Tuesday , July 27 2021

Zverev thanked his father, surprised Lendl warmth

Zverev arrived the weekend for a win at the top of the season after winning the tennis managers over the last few years. In the final, he was a victim of the Swiss Swiss Federer and in the final, also advised Serbian Novak Djokovic as the world's largest leader.

"I'm overwhelming, it's incredible to beat as many great players like Roger and Novak," said Zverev after the final.

His father, Alexander Zverev, the elderly, who also represented the Soviet Union in tennis, was already in court, but in 1991 he left his family to Germany. "Dad gave me the basics and taught me tennis, he deserves the greatest appreciation, I am very grateful to him," said Zverev to reporters.

Hedgehog also has a significant proportion in the success of the fourth world player. The former world leader once again shows how the player can pop up to the top. I've been notified in the past by Brit Andy Murray, who won three major titles under a Lendel.

In London, Lendl after Zverev lost to Djokovic in the group, the game was analyzed and in the final, Germany played differently. "Abusive, hit the ball earlier," said Zverev. "Ivan's experience of court and beyond is amazing."

During the week, Zverev spoke several times about Lendl's collaboration with him in August. Eight winner of the Grand Prix wounded him. "He's warm and warm, he loves his loved ones and will do everything for them, I admire and I would like to behave the same way," said Zverev.

In the past, he was the stars on another global leader Juan Carlos Ferrer. However, the connection with the Spanish did not work. Zverev does not strictly follow the rules, which may appear to be insufficient for Hire. "But realize quickly that it would not last for a long time," he said.

"I do not need someone pushing me into a corner and pushing it in. Sometimes I'm coming late, but instead of reversing things like lunch or car departure, but never a tennis or training fitness, "said Zverev. "I'm disciplinary at court, I'm making it difficult and I'm never happy, I know what I want, I want to be the best," he said.

Four-time Grand Slam champion, Djokovic, believes that Zverev will be able to cope in the future. "Jesus, my God, I got here once, it's been five times and he has 148 times more than I am, that's a long time," said Zverev.

In this season, however, he won 58 games and won four titles. He has not done much on Grandslames again. He also needs to beat Djokovic and Federer regularly. "I do everything to be even better and I can do it right. I think I'm doing well, but I still have a place to improve, I'm still young and hope that I will show tennis even better than this season, good. "

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