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5 foods rich in vitamin D to eat during the summer


According to a recent study, more than 90% of the OAU population is suffering from vitamin D deficiency. It is related to the extreme heat that we see in the country for most months of the year, where sunlight exposure is the best way to raise the level of vitamin in the body that is being avoided. everyone, especially in the summer.

Vitamin D is very important for the body, it plays an active role in strengthening bones and improving the functions of nerves and mumps along with the health of the immune system.

Our bodies have the ability to form a vitamin and absorb it directly from the sun, but there are other ways to get it without having to go home, including the use of some foods rich in this important vitamin, which we know on the NRC platform.

5 foods rich in vitamin D to eat during the summer

Here are the most important foods rich in vitamin D that the body needs during the summer:

• Mushrooms:

It contains a high level of vitamin D, along with a large amount of iron, which in turn helps to strengthen bones and keep them healthy.

• Broccoli:

Due to the high content of iron and vitamin D, it can be easily prepared in pairs and served as a side dish with different dishes.

• Avocado:

Avocados contain not only a huge amount of vitamin D, but also help fight inflammation, reduce reddening and wrinkle control, making it a highly recommended fruit for a balanced diet.

• Papaya:

This delicious fruit is characterized by a variety of uses that can be consumed in food or fresh fruit salad or may be added while cooking some Asian dishes. Papaya is famous for its rich in fiber and excellent for digestion.

• Peach:

Your peach should not break the basket of fruits – it's a high-vitamin D fruit that helps prevent the risk of type 1 diabetes, which significantly reduces blood sugar due to its high levels of fiber.

The importance of vitamin D in the body

Vitamin D offers several benefits to the body, including:

• Absorption of calcium and phosphorus, necessary for the growth of bones and teeth, after transformation of sunlight into a chemical that enters the blood to the kidneys, and then becomes the most effective substance of this vitamin called Dai hydroxy.

• Growth and strengthening of bone cells.

• Activate the immune system in the body.

• Resistance and prevention of cancer cells development.

• Prevention of caries.

• Prevention of diabetes, studies have shown that people who have high levels of vitamin D are less susceptible to infection.

• Tuberculosis prevention has been carried out and several studies have been conducted on this issue.

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