Monday , June 14 2021

Boshra for lung patients .. New recipe for treatment

Boshra for lung patients .. New recipe for Saqr News treatment, quoting Mersal Neur we're announcing news about lung patients. New recipe for treatment, Bushra for lung patients. New recipe for treatment We are announcing New News visitors Today through our Saqr News and starting with the main news, Bushra for Lung patients .. New recipe for treatment.

A medical doctor from Hungary advised a new type of physical and spiritual treatment of the lung diseases, which is mass mass in public. Last spring, he presented the second show on the dance floor of the Budapest hotel, the Prithing for the Soul, which was set up last spring.

Members of the band, many of whom have chronic lung embolism and have come from hospitals throughout Hungary, confirm that singing has contributed to improving their quality of life.

"I did not imagine in my life that I can sing," said Maria Arani, 74, who has been asthma for 10 years. After singing, I noticed I could breathe easier.

Many lung patients experience loneliness in their everyday lives, and mass singing helps them to win new friends.

Dr. Katalin watched the idea of ​​forming the band, having learned that similar patients in other countries have benefited from singing.

Leader of the Philippe Orchestra of Austria chose the songs to show the patient's abilities, and explained that the concert was a huge challenge for those who had not played on stage.

"We chose songs to enable patients to perform longer lines and tougher themes and they can develop through this system," he said.

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Source: Mersal Neuer

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